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The Intrigue of Happiness From Video Gaming (Essay Sample)


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Video Games
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Video Games are one of the forms of internet addiction, elaborate


The Intrigue of Happiness From Video Gaming
Addiction can be defined as the inability of someone to control how they behave. It can also be the inability to control the use of substances. This normally happens even though the individual experiences negative effects. Addiction in video games occurs when a party is involved in gaming more than they participate in any other activities. This type of diagnosable disorder affects numerous gamers, who may take time to acknowledge it since signs are not recognizable (Griffiths, 2017). The two types of these games has different mission which may not be easily achieved, thus the desire to play it continuously on to a never ending success.
There is a part responsible for addiction in our brains known as the reward center. This part of the brain produces the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is involved in performing pleasurable activities. As persons play video games, they tend to experience happiness and arousal due to dopamine. Due to the intrigue of happiness from video gaming, the individual acquires more desire to acquire the pleasure resulting from video gaming over and over again (Triberti & Milani et al., 2018). Since dopamine is one of the commanding neurotransmitters in our brain, it works by sustaining people's needs and desires, making it difficult for persons to break away from the behavior towards video gaming.

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