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Threat Scenarios Involving WMDs will Bring Remarkable Transformation (Essay Sample)


The argumentative essay analyzes a problem of wmd in a modern world (apa 7th edition applied). the research is based on credible sources and facts. In light of the fact that terrorists continue to target civilians on a large scale, this topic is relevant. As a result, this study confirms that WMD terrorism threat scenarios will undergo a remarkable transformation due to technological advancements.


Nowadays, technologies and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) continue to develop intensively. Since terrorists continue to target civilians on a large scale, both non-actors and aggressors are likely to use WDM to counter the looming threats. The mere threat that some countries and terrorist groups use WDM could shift how non-state actors look at WMD. Advancements in technology will bring about a remarkable transformation in the WMD terrorism threat picture.
Rapid advancements in technology could lead to innovative novel weapons of mass destruction. Today, Russia is invading Ukraine, threatening to use WMD if superpowers, such as the United States, try to intervene in the war. Such and similar threats by terrorist groups are only possible since there have been rapid ethnological advancements. Gary and Jacome (2018) opine that the current technological advances, such as gene fabs and CRISPS/Cas-9, can lead to innovations of novel forms of WMD. This likelihood alone can trigger the armament of non-state actors as they get attracted to the new technologies and attempt to equal their rivals. As one watches the video provided for this discussion, emerging technologies bring up new possibilities to reinforce chemical and biological defense mechanisms (Vicar & Vicar, 2013). Such advancements in technology escalate the need for non-state actors to arm themselves with WMD in case of wars erupt.
The advent of emerging technologies such as chemical micro-reactors may lead to the self-contained development of WMD in small quantities in non-actor countries, eventually leading to a large state armament (Caves & Carus, 2014). In most cases, these threats evolve rapidly, triggering non-actor states to prepare and reinforce their ability to strike back in case of attacks (Weber & Parthemore, 2015). As technology evolves, non-state actors feel threatened and are more likely to arm themselves and acquire more WMD.

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