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Electric Cars: The Future of Transportation (Essay Sample)


It highlights the significance of electric cars and their contribution to the transportation sector. it suggests that electric cars will not only enhance affordability but also reduce the negative impacts to the environment through its contributions to the global net-zero emission agenda . In this sense, THE TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION OF ELECTRIC CARS have critically benefited The automotive industry 


Electric Cars: The Future of Transportation
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Electric Cars: The Future of Transportation
Technological advancements have played significant roles in improving production and service delivery in the various economic sectors. The automotive industry is one of the sectors that has benefited from technological innovation, leading to the development of electric cars. Electric cars are a trending topic in the automobile industry since all leading automakers are gradually shifting to all-electric vehicles (EVs). The affordability of electric cars and the significant contributions to the global net-zero emission agenda support the concept that electric vehicles are the future of transportation.
A motor vehicle’s purchasing and operational costs are essential factors for consideration for any buyer. EVs have become relatively cheaper since leading automobile companies specializing in fuel cell vehicles, such as Toyota, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW, have embraced electric vehicle production, enhancing consumer choice. Government subsidy on EVs is another incentive that has lowered associated costs. For instance, in 2008, the Energy Improvement and Extension Act 2008 - Tax Incentives was enacted, which enabled a 30% tax credit to electric charging stations and up to $7,500 tax credit to plug-in

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