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Importance of Digital Literacy and Its Relationship to Education (Essay Sample)


This paper discusses the importance of digital literacy and its relationship to education, as highlighted in the blog post and discussed in the unit. The initial blog post focused on how technology has enhanced the learning process highlighting these benefits on different groups within society. The task required the use of at least two provided and ten external sources.


Reflective Analysis of Digital Literacy
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Reflective Analysis of Digital Literacy
The phrase 'digital literacy is one of the most commonly used phrases of the 21st century while referring to individual and collective ability to communicate and in rating the suitability of the information, especially in the education space (Lee, 2014). Digital literacy refers to an individual ability to not only use and understand but also manipulate technology by evaluating and communicating information through the use of skills such as typing, editing, and research in different forms of media (Lee, 2014). While these skills may look basic, Marsh (2018) explains that an individual's ability is measured by their ability to carry out independent research, collaborate, adopt new technology, teach and explain technologies that they use and utilize some familiar platforms such as the social media. In the modern world, technology remains one of the most critical drivers of education and learning (Woods & Murphy, 2013). From critical technological applications such as e-learning, social networking, online shopping, and entertainment, technology remains at the center of the life of all modern persons playing a pivotal role in their decision-making process (Marsh, 2018). Notably, this does not come with challenges associated with the technology, including social media addiction, pornography, and overdependence on technology in communication, among others. As such, digital literacy is proposed as an essential step toward enabling people to utilize technology in their day-to-day activities without getting swarmed with the negative associated with the internet and its content. This paper discusses the importance of digital literacy and its relationship to education, as highlighted in the blog post and discussed in the unit.
Searching texts and multimedia information on the internet for learning purposes and training remains one of the critical milestones of digital literacy. According to Fernández (2020), using these skills in education remains vital due to the design changes and alterations to the learning curriculum, which today requires students to participate actively in 

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