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Wireless Body Area Networks (Essay Sample)


Write a summary (no more than one standard page (, typed, single space, size 11 font, Times Roman font) on your selected topic based on the paper you read. Your summary should answer the following questions (Here I use “cognitive radio” as an example. You should replace “cognitive radio” with the topic you selected when addressing these questions.):
1) What is cognitive radio?
2) What are the key features of cognitive radio?
3) What are the challenges of cognitive radio?
4) What is the current state of affairs in cognitive radio, in terms of technological advances?
5) What is your take on the idea of cognitive radio and its future promise?
At the end of your summary, include the information of the paper(s) you read.
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Discipline: a topic/concept related to network and data communication


Wireless Body Area Networks
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Wireless Body Area Networks
What are Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN)?
This network uses sensors situated within the human body, in clothes, or on the body's skin. The network's objective is to provide a global standard of wireless communication in short-range and low power. The network also uses data rates of around 76 Kbps to 15.7 Mbps, depending on the application set (Movassaghi et al., 2014). The WBAN nodes are situated in a multihop technology. Information technologists have designed WBANs to interact with other wireless communication technologies and the internet, such as Bluetooth and ZigBee. The wireless technology offers numerous field applications, including games and sports, healthcare, and multimedia.
What are the key features of Wireless Body Area Networks?
WBAN has vital characteristics which enable it to function effectively. Such characteristics include nodes that act as independent devices with the ability to transmit information. Examples of nodes include sensors, personal devices, and actuators. Another key feature is the topology utilized in WBANs. The topology used by WBANs can either be two-hop or one-hop and a node situated in the middle of the star, a location such as an individual's waist. The third characteristic includes the Number of Nodes depending on the technical requirement. The number ranges from a few sensors and actuators in a portable headset. For instance, a medical network can utilize six nodes which support around 256 nodes (Movassaghi et al., 2014). Also, the communication architecture is another vital feature divided into three various tiers: Intra, Inter,

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