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This paper explores the following three computer applications: Windows application/desktop applications, Web applications, and Web services application


Computers are an integral part of our day-to-day-out device and found almost everywhere for instance, at offices, homes, colleges, hotels, shops. This innovation has made our lives easy and comfortable. For example, we can perform a number of activities using computer-based systems. We can write a draft on word processor and pass it to the recipient through the email. John (1989) argues that computer Perform some calculations using an electronic spreadsheet and apply graphics, come up with a database of friends with their contacts. Computer makes work easier, it simplify other tasks such as word processing, designing, website development and data management.
There exist many computer applications but will look at the three major ones, which are:
* WGive an example for a positive statement and an example of a normative statement
This is commonly known as word processor this allows creation of various documents. It facilitates writing of letters, designing of flyers, writing reports, drafts, and essay. The mostly used word processing package is the Microsoft word. Windows applications are normally installed on the computers, the application makes use of computers resources, which comprise of processing power, computer memory, and hard disk drive space. Another desktop application is personal finance software, for instance Quicken, this enables one to keep track of his/her income and expenses, come up with a budget and more (Van Over et al., 2010).
Majority personal finance programs can directly download information from his /her bank and therefore one does not need to type all transactions manually. Web browsers are also important desktop application. It is a device that is used to access the global web. Most computers come with a web browser previously installed but one can download a different one based on his/her preference. Examples of browsers are internet explorer, Firefox, Google chrome and safari.
There are so many different kinds of games one can play in the computer. Some include card games such as solitaire to action ones such as halo two. Many action games require much computing power as compared with card games and this call for a new computer if one really wants to play. Media players are of significant as one of the desktop applications. In case you want to listen to mp3 or watch, downloaded movie a media player is necessary such as windows media player and iTunes. Gadgets, which are, also a desktop application is known to be a simpler application applicable to the device or dashboard if one is using a Mac. Examples include; calendars, calculators, maps and news headlines .another window classification is the paints (Van Over et al., 2010).
Web service application
Web services is one of the computer application which gives services to other applications through the internet, Google search engine, yahoo search engine and allows other application to delegate the task of searching over the internet. Web services can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet (Eliason, 1987). Majority of web services application are applicable across multiple platforms, meaning one can use the same application whether using a PC or Mac. Web services allow creation of client/server applications. Web services are known to be platform-independent and language-independent, since they use standard XML languages. When a client concept is applied it means that the client program can be programmed in (C++) and running under windows, while the web service is programmed in (Java and running under Linux) (Morgan, 2008).
It is a fact that most web services use HTTP for passing messages (such as the service request and response) this is one of the merits when one wants to build an internet-scale application. Since most of the internet's proxies and firewalls will not interfere with HTTP traffic as compared with CORBA, which is known to have great difficulties with the firewalls. One of the characteristics that distinguish web services is that web services are often adequate for loosely coupled systems; this applies where the client may lack web service knowledge until it is actually invoked. Compared to technologies like those that CORBA and EJB are geared towards highly coupled distributed systems where the client and the server are very dependent on each other hence it is not applicable for loosely coupled systems. Web services are better suited to solve the demands of internet-wide application for instance grid-oriented applications (John, 1989).
The web service architecture
Processes this part contains more than one web services. For instance discovery belongs in this section as it facilitate the identification of one particular services from among a clustered of web services.
Service description
Web services are self-describing. This shows that one is something is located in a web service you can command it to describe it and give you the appropriate operation it supports and how to invoke it. This is always performed by the web services Description language (WSDL)
Service innovation
Morgan (2008) argues that this involves transmitting messages between the client and the server. SOAP (simple Object Access Protocol) instructs how we should format requests to the server and how the server should perform formatting requests to the server and how the server should format the responses. This is the most common choice for web services.
John (1989) points out that this is final process whereby the messages are transmitted between the server and the client. The main protocol for this choice is the HTTP, the same protocol used to access conventional web page on the internet.
Web applications
Web application refers to collection of web pages posted in web server. Morgan (2008) defined web applications as computer programs enabling website visitors to present and recover data from a database over the internet using their chosen web browser. The data is thereafter presented to the ...
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