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Ways to Prevent Terrorist Organizations Access the Nuclear Weapons (Essay Sample)


assessing threats to the homeland.
discuss ways to prevent access to nuclear weapons by terrorist organizations
the instructions also required an anlysis of the iran nuclear deal and why it is a triumph for democracy.
discuss rogue nations providing nuclear weapina to non state actors. in this section, i discussed how north korea engages in illegal and illicit activiities.iran receives nuclear weapons from pyongyang and hands them over to terrorist organizations such as hemas.


Threats to the Homeland
Institutional Affiliation
Threats to the Homeland
Five Characteristics of Agricultural and Food Industries and Threat Agents
Terrorists can attack the United States’ food supply chain through various ways, including conventional attacks on food centers, and burning crop fields. However, an agroterrorism attack on America’s crops or livestock would be a potentially disastrous scenario (Haley, 2019). Agroterrorism, a subset of bioterrorism, is the deliberate employment of a plant or animal disease to generate fear, cause economic losses and undermine social stability (Congressional Research Service, 2004). While agricultural and food industries may not be terrorists’ first choice since they lack the “shock factor” of conventional terrorist targets, they are an attractive secondary target.

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