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Dalma Island Tourism Development Strategy (Essay Sample)


The task was to write an essay to give strategy for promoting tourism in Dalma island of Abu dhabi


Dalma Island Tourism Development Strategy
Course Title:
2.0 Strategy
a) Product development strategies
* Visitors’ Attractions and Activities
Since Dalma Island is found within Abu Dhabi, it follows that most tourists visiting Abu Dhabi city will highly likely visit the island too (, 2015).The report indicates thatDalma Island is a cultural site for which Abu Dhabi boasts and with the opening of Louvre Abu Dhabi, tourists will increase hence increasing the chances of Dalma Island being in the list of tourists’ destinations within the circuit. Dalma Island has natural and artificial water parks and with the establishment of the mall, world trade center and Galleria in Abu Dhabi, more business and commercial opportunities open up in Dalma Island for its close proximity.Some of the most fascinating visitors’ attractions to Dalma Island include Business Council (center of the Pearl - House of Martian)(Algethami, 2013). This feature is an Arabic and Islamic show of ancient architectural prowess and civilization. The discovery of the Gallery of Antiquities is another great attraction item in the island because it gives more insight into the history of the island thousands of years ago, through the age of Islam to the modern times.
The Madabes, which are the date juice processing plants/factories, remain as a source of food in the past generation within the island (, 2015).The author explains that these madabes show the historical civilization of the people in Dalma Island. The factories were used to process syrup and date juices. The study of the old buildings reveals ancient civilization and an early occupation of Islamic and Arabic civilization in Dalma Island. Religious buildings like the Al Dossary, Al-Meraikhi and Al-Mohannadi mosques show that Islam was the dominant religion in the island. DalmaIsland is attractive to visitors like archaeologists because of the presence of human settlements sites dating back to more than six thousand years. These sites reveal much on the era of slaves, nobles, potters and the kings, culture and economic activities. Four hills above the ground reveal a portion of the pottery work and the porcelain utensils such as glass, fishing tools, bone tools, shellfish and mollusks(Algethami, 2013). The site also has an amazing integrated ancient water network dating back to thousands of years spanning into the Islamic era unto the recent times. These integrated water networks remain valleys that are important for archaeological and geological researchers. There are many cemeteries and longitudinal dome shaped tombs, which may contain even minerals, are for important archaeological research study.Dalma Island has several features for tourism. There is a dropper, a site built of stone in a rectangular form and it collects water from the wells nearby(Algethami, 2013).There are beautiful hills with unique traits recommended for geological and historical studies found on the island. Volcano sites, which date back into millions of years, are on the island as well as the famous Al-heerat sites, renowned for pearls seeking divers are also tourists’ scenes available on the island. Sewage pipe contractors have accidentally discovered recent artefacts in the island and these have increased the interest of visitors about the island. According to (Algethami, 2013), there are stories of Mnyukh of Dlama Island and Tel Abu Amama both associated with the Island. Dalma Island is worth a visit.
* HospitalityDalma is one of the most strategically located islands in the Abu Dhabi in the United Arabs Emirates suitable for tourism destination as a cultural heritage. Dalma being endowed with vast cultural heritage resources stand to thrive immensely as a preferred tourist destination in the UAE. Strategies to apply in making Dalma Island a successful cultural heritage center include aggressive marketing in the world leading markets of the island on the available opportunities within. These include cultural heritage resources, natural resources, beautiful buildings and festival events (Algethami, 2013). It is not only Dubai but the larger United Arabs Emirates has become a tourism regional hub for conventions, meetings, incentives, research, exhibitions and leisure(Algethami, 2013). Sport tourism has also contributed to the strength of UAE as an excellent destination particularly in golf, tennis, marathon and Formula 1. Rugby, cricket, sailing and Sky Diving are among other sporting events hosted in UAE. Dalma Island stands to gain a lot from these sporting events if well marketed as a tourist destination.Dalma Island offers a wide range of state of the art hospitality services to its visitors. Hospitality services include excellent beach hotels and resorts offering great accommodation services. Variety of foods and beverages are found in all the hotels and resorts across all client financial capabilities making it affordable to every social status (Algethami, 2013). Because Dubai has positioned itself in the world stage as one of the leading tourism destinations, there have been many tourists visiting United Arabs Emirates whose two leading cities are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has equally embarked on to an ambitious plan to market itself as a tourism destination to complement Dubai. It is on this plan that Dalma Island will benefit from the overflow of the guests visiting the city according to (Casalemarch, 2011).Dalma Island offers all at ago opportunities like retail space for business and commercial ventures, excellent office space services, cool residential space ranging from apartments, resorts, hotels to homes and guest houses, hospitality space, civic facilities and cultural facilities. The Island has excellent commercial banks and robust communication system.
* Festival and events
Some of the festivals and events that attract tourists and other visitors to Dalma Island, and Abu Dhabi include Liwa International Festival, Al Gharbia Water Sports and Al Dhafra Camel Festival (Casalemarch, 2011). Liwa is one of the world’s tallest, dreaded and steepest sand dunes where car and motorbike racing competition takes place. Another festival is the Al Gharbia Water Sports, which is a postmodern beachfront promenade in which kite surfing, dhow racing and kayaking competitions are held. Another event is the Al Dhafra Camel Festival in which most beautiful camels are showcased in Abu Dhabi with featuring cultural and traditional crafts, pastimes and sports (Casalemarch, 2011). The camels are the major attraction in the festival with the finest being sold for up to a price of $5 million.
* Location and Transport Because of its strategic physical location as an island, Dalma offers a unique serene environment for holidaying and leisure tours. There are severa...
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