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Travel Writing (Essay Sample)


Have you ever traveled to any one same place using different means of transportation, compare and contarst your experience


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Have you ever travelled to anyone same place using different means of transportation, compare and contrast your experience.

The trip to nearby Beverly Hills hill station from San Diego had been terrific with a wide ranging experience. I had been able to follow three different routes to the destination. The first one had been by state bus. The second by rail. And the third by air. All three routes to the destination of hill station were nearly the same when compared to the costs of purchasing tickets. The route of State bus had been the most in consumption of time. While I had started from bus by the bus station I was reminded of the fact that it was during my childhood trips to the nearby cricket ground which was most time consuming. The ticket purchase was from bus stop itself. This time the trip started by morning 6 am, reached the hill station by evening 5 pm. During this trip, the water and food that I had kept with me came handy. I was able to relax since it was a luxury bus. Chatting with others around me going for a vacation and some passengers returning home enriched the experience of travel. Socially and mentally the soothing brush of air, the ability to talk freely to passengers made it convenient to pass time. The regular stops at the bus stations allowed me to have time to stretch and observe. The second route in comparison to the first took lesser time, that is, by rail I was able to reach destination in lesser time. The Rail route is a regular feature to this destination. The ticket was purchased by me at the rail station itself .The rail stops at four places from where it sends some passengers from itself and takes some new passengers. The time taken was 3 hours when I had taken the journey last year. The social networking was lesser. The ability to reminiscence upon lost opportunities suddenly gripped me and was a new experience altogether. This aspect of rail travel has been intriguing me since past year. In comparison, I had taken no food and water with me which was supplied by rail pantry, I reached in lesser time, I was able to make fewer friends whereas in the trip by bus there was no pantry, it took a great amount of time to reach the hill station destination and the socializing part was even lesser. By this year I had made up my mind to travel by air route. It took me under two hours to reach the destination. The air travel was a good experience in that I was able to reach the destination in lesser time with opportunity to interact with known people from my city. The air travel in comparison to other two travel routes provided a greater comfort in luxury and time. I was also able to purchase the air ticket online by credit card much before trip was taken. It also allowed me to put perspective when the business which I intended to divest was getting torn apart. Nonetheless in contrast few things made each travel distinct than the other. In the first travel by bus, the contrasting focus was non availability of pantry and the greater enthusiasm of travelers among themselves which was quite carefree. The travel by rail on the other hand was made up of lesser issues...
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