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American Tourism (Essay Sample)


I was asked to write a report on American Tourism in the given assignment.

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American Tourism
Travelling from one part of the world to other part is known as travelling. It is done for various purposes. It may be for the purpose of refreshment, enjoyment, some official or personal purposes. People usually travel usually for a limited length. It is commonly associated with global travel. It may also mean to change place from one city to another city in the same country
The World Tourism Organization states that, "tourists are those people who move from one place to another place stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year. They may travel for relaxation, official, or other purposes. In America, more than 330 million global tourists have left for United States of America only in the past few years. Spending in these industries has helped many Americans in getting new jobs. For almost more than 250,000 Americans got jobs CITATION Sta15 \l 1033 (Statista). Different countries all over the world have been trying to develop this as an economy and a source of income for the country. Every country in the world is putting exertions to attract intercontinental visitors and the occupations they support and help in with. Initial estimates show the United States of America welcomed a record of more than 70 million global visitors in 2014 only.
These tourists spent a record of more than $220 billion on different miscellaneous expenses. They have also helped in making some more than one million jobs for the compatriots as well. The tourism industry is putting all of its effort to compete with many international locations. Therefore, the American Management is attentive on energies to improve the tourism in the United States as well as how better they can help and improvise their tourism industry
In pursuit to attain these targets, we have done so many improvements for instance; reduction of wait people do for visa, stretches for worldwide travelers. We also reached a new pact with China that helps the sightseers and commercial visas up to 10 years. They also helped the student visas to extend to five years. This is a very huge improvement in the tourism industry. This pact will not only bring more opportunities but will also help in making lots of income for the country CITATION USA15 \l 1033 ( Since this clever improvement was endorsed, Chinese demand for U.S. visas has grown by more than percent when compared with the year 2014, which is a very huge improvement indeed.
Different actions are being taken for promoting tourism industry. We are also trying others to guarantee the portable experience. The expectations are that the experience becomes safe, well organized, and friendly in a way that helps every stakeholder. Security of this nation is the most pivotal part in the world for any nation. We actually want explorers to return to the U.S. often and inspire their relatives and to inspire their nears and dears. Today, the Units of Trade and Homeland Safety are touching the peaks.
The report was titled as "Supporting Travel and Tourism to Grow Our Economy and Create More Jobs: a National Goal on the International Arrivals Process and Airport-Specific Action Plans." The report tries to make a point that tourism is a national level objective. The country is making its best effort to provide the best ever entrance experience. The country will make sure that the services it offers are exceptionally well as compared to other global competitors. This will result in an increase in the number exponentially. At the same time, it maintains the uppermost ethics of home security. Security nowadays is very important in any country in all the aspects and it affects the country status and position in the whole world.
The goal to take USA to reach the maximum in the field of tourism was developed with hardworking efforts. They also took liaison with different departments in the country so that no stone is left unturned. With leaders from the airline, hospitality and travel industries, airport authorities, and state and local governments and local security departments as well CITATION Dis15 \l 1033 (Discover America). This report was not just a report but actually, this was a symbol of excellent performance from the departments. It was because not only they had achieved their targets; they also have been
Instrumental in maintaining the security and safety of the nation:
The report contains more than just a goal. The Departments of Commerce are making liaison with the department of Homeland Security in lieu to establish a new force. The force will be co-chaired by the persons who will represent both the department.
This will also help to engage with a broad collection of industry patrons to identify the factors that drive an explorer's perception of the global arrivals experience and choice to visit USA. The report was concentrating and trying to improve the factors that are responsible for the tourist's decision for travel. This will not only calculate the entrance process from plane dis embankment to primary passport inspection but will go to the end step of baggage collection to exiting the airport through concluding belongings review. This seems a complex yet achievable task for the task force.
The force will benefit from the statistics that are because of the calculations to improve the entrance process and make more changes as well CITATION USt15 \...
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