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Gastronomy Hotel Promotion (Essay Sample)


Description on how to carry out promotion campaign about gastronomy hotel that is about to be re-opened on December this year

Gastronomy hotel promotion
Promotion is the act of creating products awareness to the target market. It is about informing the intended potential customers of the new products in the market or any new branding. Promotion is done in a number of ways. These include advertising, sales promotions among others. This is done to increase sales. Target market defines who to buy the products, where the customers are located; why they are interested in buying such products and how they do it. That is their behaviors or perceptions about that particular product (Reid & David 2009 p 13).
Promoting a gastronomy hotel that is going to re-open on December this year depends on the number of factors. First is the location of this hotel. Gastronomy hotel will be located at United States of America in New York City. The target market will be the customers who have common needs, interested, likes and have hobbies towards this kind of product. It will depend on the two main segment variables. That is the demographic and psychographic segment of the target market (Flew, 2008 p 32).
Demographic segment marketing strategies will divide market into different stages. Demographic segment is based depending on deferent customers’ variables such as gender, age, education and occupation. This will help to identify the great population that is likely to love the Gastronomy hotel products and services. It is through this that much awareness of the number of people working far from their homes who are likely to take lunch in this hotel is identified. Also, the number of scholars who are likely to take their meals will be well known and targeted. The number of women, men and children likely to visit this place give clear information on the type of meals to be cooked and the kind of the services to be offered to enhance each customer’s satisfactions (Riley, 2012 p 24)
Psychographic segmentation will help to identify the lifestyle of the various intended customers. It is through this that the promoters will directly know the number of people who have the same lifestyle and the kind of leisure they always have. That is, the number of tourists who visit the City, The number of guest who comes to hold conferences and seminars in this City and the number of people who come to have fun in this City on the holidays. This way, it gives clear information on what need to be put in place to enhance customers’ satisfaction through fulfilling their most needs and preferences (Reid & David 2009 p 139).
There are various promotion tools that can be used to create awareness about the Gastronomy guest house and restaurant. Advertisement is one of the most effective and efficient promotion tool that reach wide range of intended customers. This suit this kind of promotion since it uses various advertisement methods such as social media, newspaper, wireless information transfer, social network sites, posters, billboard among others (Reid & David 2009 p 29).
This tool is so effective and efficient because the information will reach the wide geographical region in shortest time possible. Advertisements through the media television attract many potential customers since it uses video and audial adverts. Information can be translated into so many languages thus reaching many people speaking different languages. This mode of advertisement not only reaches people from United State but also reach people worldwide. Therefore, people from other countries who wish to hold conferences or visit New York City get to know the present of Gastronomy hotel. They get to understand that, the place will have 50 guest houses and a restaurant so they will not have to worry as to where to spend the night or take their meals since it will all be provided (Ademola, 2005 p 540).
Newspapers, brochures, posters and billboards reach intended potential customers across a certain geographical location. This includes pictures and much detailed information on what the structure looks like and what kind of the services gastronomy hotel is likely to offer. Visual information such as meal pictures and spacious guest room photo attract the attention of many potential customers who later dig deep to get to know much information about promoted products. Their comments and suggestions will help to ensure the services meet their interests and satisfaction (Kurtz, 2010 p 24).
Public relation is also a promotion tool that will help to create much information about the gastronomy hotel and its products and services. It is more of interacting with intended potential customers, employees and other stakeholders who contribute in one way or another to support this promotion. This is done by public relation office which handles various press release functions. It also supports gastronomy hotel product publicity, create good image of the hotel and handle lawmaker matters concerning this kind of services. This is so effective and efficient tool in building awareness of the gastronomy products and services worldwide. This is because it generate attractive stories that support and boost the quality of the services that are likely to be offered by this hotel that is about to reopen on December 2015.
In addition, the two promotion tools to be used include the visual presentation of the products that will be offered in the gastronomy hotel. Well-designed meals menu and look of the guest houses get displayed for the customer to see what they are expecting. They get to have a clear picture of the type of the meals that are going to be served in the hotel and how the services will take place. They will also get information on the structure of the guest house and the kind of the services that are going to get there.
Appendix 1: Target market description;
* Men, women and children who visits New York city on the holiday vacations
* Employees who work far from their homes who are likely to take their lunch in Gastronomy hotel
* Guests who come to hold their conferences in New York City who are likely to take their nights at guest house in this hotel.
* Scholars within this city who are likely to take their meals in Gastronomy hotel
Appendix 2: Menu description: Gastronomy hotel will have variety of meals and drinks as shown be...
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