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Hotel Housekeeping SOP (Essay Sample)


This is a 3 star hotel/accommodation property,i will like the writer to draft a comprehensive Standard operation policies & procedure (SOPP) the department is (Housekeeping) with the following headings
1.How to clean mirror
2. How to dust room wall
3.How to spot clean room carpet.
4.How to vacuum the hotel floor.
5.How to mop floor.
6.How to take/clean cob web from the ceiling.
7.Odor removal
8.Hardwood floor cleaner.
9,Polish floor
10.Toilet cleaner.
11.How to clear bathroom. to clean greasy stove.
13. How to clean a microwave oven/kitchen sink.
14.How to clean a porcelain bathtub or sink.
15. How clean appliance surface.
16. coffee maker.
17. Window blinds.
18. Air-condition.
19. Leather.
20. tiles etc.


Hotel housekeeping SOP

How to clean mirror
It is important to maintain the mirrors clean as this leaves lasting impression on the guests, since sighting of stains shows that the hotel staff is not keen.
Liquid detergent
Grit free wipes
Well washed cotton
Clean air duster
Use the air duster to wipe off the dust from the mirror surface.
Use the detergent.
Depending on the surface use the pieces of cotton and free wipes to remove the coating.
Rinse using the clean water.
Dry the surface using a clean cloth.
Ensue that there are no chippings in the glass which may cause small injuries, and report to the management if the mirror are not well secured
The detergent used should be approved by the management, and use of gloves is recommended to avoid any negative reaction with parts of the body.
In order to ensure that all mirrors are clean, there is supervise the cleaning after cleaning.
Staff will rotate on a weekly basis to ensure that each understands how to use the cleaning procedures.
Focus points
Always ensure that mirror surfaces are free from dust.
Ensure that the mirrors are dry after cleaning.
Besides being clean, the glass surfaces ought to be shiny.
How to spot clean room carpet
As a flooring material, carpets add colour and texture to a room, but spills can ruin the look of a carpet, while human traffic can also cause the carpets to be dirty. It is important to keep the carpet clean and remove stains in order for the carpet to last longer.
Dry extraction system
Dry absolvent cleaning agent
Vacuum cleaning machine
Spread the absorbent agent over the carpet
Use the vacuum cleaning machine
The cleaning material should be used sparingly
There is a need to ensure that the absorbent compound does not come into contact with skin, and use of gloves is necessary
Safety Measures
Ensure that water does not get into contact with the carpet, as the technique is different from the use water extraction approach
The absorbent agent chosen should to cause discoloration to the carpet
Even though, the method is more expensive it will be relied upon as there is no risk of shrinkage and odor caused by lack of drying
Focus Points
There is a need to identify whether there are stains before cleaning
The cleaning system will ensure that there is no odour and that all spots are removed
All furniture are to be left in their original position after cleaning
How to vacuum the hotel floor
The Standard
Vacuuming the floor is necessary to ensure that the floor surfaces are clean at all times, and other cleaning procedures including moping the floor and cleaning the carpet all serve the same purpose, but all are necessary to maintain cleanliness
Vacuum cleaner
Dust brush
Ensure that all clutter on the floor is collected.
Ensure that there are equipment and materials that may jam the vacuum machine.
Begin near the door and working across the room, while overlapping each strip to ensure that all areas are covered.
For corners rely on the suction and dust brush.
Ensure that the wheels of the vacuum cleaner do not scratch the floor
There are no health concerns associated with using the vacuum cleaner
Safety Measures
All the material likely to block the vacuum machine should not be removed from the floor.
Rely on manufacturers manual to avoid damaging or tripping over the machine.
Soft dusting brushes will be used when there are risks of scratching
Focus Points
How to mop floor
The Standard
Mopping may seem to be straight forward, but when not properly done, customers may notice that the floors neither are not properly cleaned.
Dust pan
Mopping solution
Mop bucket
Gather supplies and prewash to remove any mess that may be sticky.
Fill the bucket with water.
Dip the mop and then wring out.
Mop moving towards the unmopped areas on the floor, while also remove any spots that may have previously been overlooked.
Rinse and wring
Thoroughly rinse the mop and put away supplies.
Employees should start with the unmoppoed areas as this reduces the chance that there will be falls, slips and trips.
Workers should ensure that they do no spill a lot of water on the fall as a precautionary measure, and they should also wear footwear that is not slippery.
The cleaning products are to be mixed as per manufacture instructions.
Cleaning is necessary to reduce the likelihood of contamination and spread of diseases.
Safety Measures
Safety signs should be used in cases where there are hazardous walking conditions.
Safety precautions should take into account the role of cleaners in utilising safety precautions, while also ensuring the safety of others.
Cleaning should be done regularly as it is a matter of cleanliness, hygiene and safety.
Floors should not be left wet after cleaning as this is a turn off to customers.
Focus Points
Access mopping equipment without straining, by placing the equipment in areas where it is easily reachable
Mops with expendable handles are preferred, as it is easier to reach areas under the furniture
(6.How to take/clean cob web from the ceiling
The Standard
Cobwebs indicate the presence of spiders, and when they are not removed there are unpleasant to the eye and can also lead to accumulation of dust, other debris and remnants.
Vacuum with extension nuzzle
Soft dusters
Use the vacuum to remove and destroy the cobwebs on the ceiling.
Also rely on the broomstick and then the soft dusters to wipe of any cobweb remains.
Clean the ceiling after wiping out the cobweb
The broomstick should be long enough as a safety precaution.
Any sign of dents or cracks should be sealed after informing the management.
Wash the ceilings to prevent cobweb formation, or dust particles accumulating as they cause breathing problems.
Safety Measures
In cases, where ladders are used then they should be carefully fastened
The length of the broom stick should be long enough to avoid straining and tripping.
As all the debris are to be disposed in a trash can without being allowed to make the ceiling dirty.
Cobwebs make the ceiling’s appearance unsightly, and having the right tools ready is necessary to removing them easily.
Focus Points
Anny future moved will be returned to original position after cleaning.
The floor should also be cleaned after removing cobwebs, because of falling debris.
Odour removal
The Standard
If guests experience bad and musty odors, then this will compromise business, and it is necessary to remove the bad odors as this will leave a good impression about the hotel’s cleanliness.
Clean rugs to wash
Air purifier
Identify the source of the odor clean the room
Use a purifier that can remove odors ingrained into fabrics permanently
Ensure that the room and materials ain the room are free from mould.
The purifiers should be carefully selected, with the less flammable options preferable.
Windows should be opened after cleaning for fresh air.
The selected air purifiers should be careful assessed to ensure that there are no long-term health concerns.
Safety Measures
Ensure that the windows are opened regularly to fully eliminate the odor
Use gloves while using the purifier and wash hands thoroughly after handling the purifier.
All the purifiers should be carefully tested to ensure that non causes discoloration to fabric.
There is a need to ensure that the purifier will not dampen the room, with opening windows being necessary to achieve this.
Focus Points
Maintaining odor removal efficiency is dependent on the type and source of smell.
Operations to remove odor are to be conducted regularly to make it easier to freshen the air.
Hardwood floor cleaner
Just like carpets, hard floors appear dull and dirty when not cleaned regularly. The hotel emphasises on professional cleaning to improve appearance of hardwood floors
Scrubbing machine
Hand cleaning cloth
Use of vacuums to remove large debris and improve air quality
Scrub to remove spots and tough dirt
Hand cleaning is necessary to clean the edges and difficult to reach areas
Second scrubbing is necessary to laminate the floor
Re-coat finish the floor where necessary
Ensure that vacuum cleaning does not damage the floor.
The scrubbing, should ideally remove e all loose dirt.
There are no health concerns, but there is need to allow the refinishing coating is dry
Ideally, the exercise is to maintain a polished look on the hardwood without using sand and finish
The floor ought to be shining after professional cleaning without making the surface unnecessarily wet.
Focus Points
Floor maintenance is necessary and cleaning will help to eliminate deterioration of the floor
Finishing will only be done after time, with maintain the gloss being necessary to maintain a better appearance.
Polish floor
There is a need to polish floors since the surface should be attractive and appealing, and leaves a lasting positive impression on customers.
Polishing pad
Equipment for dust and damp mopping
Floor machine
Prepare the area in preparation for polishing.
Use the floor machine to polish...
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