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History of Photography - At The Edge of Illusion (Essay Sample)


History of Photography - At The Edge of Illusion this paper is about \"photography as a fiction\".


The History of Photography
Kwangwon Suh
Course Name
April 26, 201
Photography is often associated with facts and accuracy. Unfortunately, since its inception, photography has continued to defy this popular belief. Photography is an art of fiction that goes beyond representing actual scenes. Photography was discovered in 1839 and since then has been used as a tool for communication. Artists and critical thinkers continue to use the art in storytelling. Just like other arts, photography can be exaggerated or altered further away from the truth. How much further this can be done is dependent on the intention of the artist. Recent days have seen this art become popularly deceptive as will be demonstrated in this easy. The record of photography and its use in fiction is long rooted; many debates have been staged all aimed at exploring the mediums ability to present deceptive as well as factual ideas.
The Tourist Guy
After the famous attack on September 11th 2001, the whole world was sent into deception by artists who purported to have captured the events in camera. A famous photograph popularly referred to as Tourist Guy purportedly depicts a tourist standing on the top of the World Trade Center a few seconds before the plane hit the tower. This art of a creative mind managed to send shock waves in the minds of many audiences as it appeared in many manipulated forms in the internet. Many people were persuaded to believe that the art was factual and an accurate representation of what had transpired that particular day. Had the photograph been true, many say that it would be and still is a representation of the insecure habitat man has created over time advancing the threat against his own life every now and then.
Nature and Origin of the Photograph
The photograph was soon dismissed as a creation of a critical mind. It had originated from Peter Guzli who captured it four years before the event during his visit in New York. The photo is said to have been sent to Guzli’s friends as a lark and had been thereafter transferred to other people throughout the world after undergoing various manipulations. Thanks to other critical thinkers who came up with enough theoretical proof it was dismissed as a fake representation of the events in question. Some of the arguments presented to dismiss the picture included the clothing of the said tourist which were not commensurate with the season, Boeing 767s are said to have caused the accident but the photo presents a Boeing 757, the two photographs are incommensurate in color and clearly indicate a manipulation to fit the authors’ intention among many others.
Interestingly, a story was told in a series of other photographs containing editions of the Tourist Guy. Some of the other popular editions of the tourist guy included an edition where he was depicted in historic events such as: assassination of John Kennedy, the sinking of the titanic, the Hindenburg disaster, and at the destruction of the Air France Flight. This story goes beyond depicting humor and entertaining its audience. It captures serious activities that h...
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