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Kritios boy (Essay Sample)

It involved analyzing the sculpture of the kritios boy source..
Kritios Boy, c. 480 B.C.E. Name Course Date Introduction A sculpture is a structure made as a way of showing art. This is an aspect that can be made from various materials including marble, stone, and metal. The Kritios sculpture is one of the oldest sculptures found in the world. This is a sculpture that was design by Kritios, who emanated from Greek. This sculpture is made with a material called marble. Krito is said to have worked with Nesiotes or even their school at around 480 BC as he was a teacher. This is a sculpture that was discovered during the excavation in around 1866 in the Acropolis of Athens as it was in Perserschutt a ceremonial dump, which was in Athens, where debris regarding sacred artifacts destroyed in 480 BC, during the Persian army. This statue is said to be in the Acropolis museum put on exhibition, a place adjacent to the spot it was excavated. The various parts of this sculpture were found differently. The torso is said to have been excavated in 1865 while the head was seen twenty three years later between the south wall of Acropolis and the museum. This was during the last phases of the Persian war. This sculpture is criticized by various people who say that it is a duplication of an original bronze sculpture. This sculpture, however, is said to be a bit smaller than a standard person size, as its size is attributed to 1.17 meters tall. The artist of this sculpture is said to have grasped a complete understanding based on how the different and various body parts need to articulate and work like a system. The sculpture has supported itself using the left leg while the right is bent in a mode of relaxation in the knee. This is a stance, which forces various chain of events including the anatomical as the pelvis has been pushed diagonally upward to the left side, while the right buttock is relaxed, the spine obtains the “S” curve, and lines of the shoulder dips to the left to stabilize the pelvis action. This statue is also said to exhibit other innovations like the skeletal and muscular structur...
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