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John White After His Death (Essay Sample)


This was a class DISCUSSION paper in the form of a MINI-ESSAY from the COURSE text discussing a work of art from a political and cultural perspective. The work of art chosen was titled "Theodor de Bry, After John White, Festival Dance of the Virginians" by the artist John White. This essay will discuss the connection of culture, politics, and religion concerning the Dance Festive art as created by John White


Many years after his death, John White still gives people the original view of what North America was before the invasion of the settlers. His artworks were articulate with a bright hue giving a positive vibe to those that did not know North America before the invasion. His works are used as reference points for history’s sake. The artworks were unfortunately destroyed after they got soaked in water but it could be seen that the original versions were bright and colorful. The ones that were rescued were exhibited at the British Museum. White used watercolors to create his artwork. This essay will discuss the connection of culture, politics, and religion concerning the Dance Festive art as created by John White.[s Newman, "Review Of A New World: England’S First View Of America, By K. Sloan", The William And Mary Quarterly 65, no. 1 (2008): 187-91.]
It was a tradition for the Virginians to hold a dance and sing music at the capitol of Virginia or at the Governor’s mansion. John as one of the governors in charge and also an artist represented this culture on paper with watercolors and graphite. He has brought light to the Virginian culture and also a lot of conversations around this topic. The festival included dances that were attended by both the locals and those from other towns. The event was also characterized by music. The Virginians accompanied their music with instruments. The instruments included the harmonica, cymbals pianos, clavichords, clarinets, and drums banjos, and violins. Figure 1 illustrates three virgins at the center with the rest of the members shaking gourds and small pumpkin rattles and arrows (The British Museum). The dancers have created circular patterns to indicate infinity. The circle represents never-ending activities and beliefs. The dance has been actively conducted until the later days. As civilization continues to evolve the cultures, schools, museums and other art resources cannot stop discussing the Festive Dance that was seen in John White’s piece of art.[Joshua R LeHuray, Virginians Will Dance Or Die! (repr., McFarland, 2016).] [IBID]
John White was a governor. He led two expeditions and failed. The second expedition was dabbed the Lost Colony. Through his leadership as a governor, he used the dance to unite the Virginians. Fig.1 expresses the unity of the people. The dances were organized to celebrate victories, harvests, or for enjoyment. They served as a chance to enhance relations with other towns. This is because other towns members also visited the town during the dances. This strengthened and made his relations with the nearby towns good. This supported his leadership as he was not at war but peace with his neighboring towns. The unity aspect portrayed was not only for the locals but also for other towns. Good leadership was portrayed here. He also put down the art of dance on paper to enable his future generations to understand how things were run before any contamination.[Berlo, Janet Catherine, and Ruth B Phillips. Native North American Art

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