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Music Setting (Essay Sample)


The instructions on what to write for Essay #2 will be in the photos. This will all go towards my final paper but I will make orders throughout my semester. The first part of my big paper is Setting. I will include two of my classmate's papers so you can get an idea of what their setting section looks like in their paper. Again, for Essay #2, you are only writing about setting. You will not be writing the final paper in this order. I will include what the final paper's prompt looks like so you know what you'll be writing for, for the final project. The band I chose is Iridas ( and the person I want to focus on is Matt Smith.
Be sure to think about the community that this group and Matt Smith belong to. For the setting: who are their listeners? how big is this musical scene? etc. Please include a few questions you would come up with to interview Matt Smith. If you want to understand more on what setting means in this context, it will be in chapter 2 of my textbook (


Music Setting
The great and sensational musical setting and instrumental style of the Iridas music band goes beyond casual imagination and has seen the band soar higher than the standards set before by other instrumentalists. Despite the music band has existed for a short time, its popularity and influence in the music industry go beyond the bars. Other upcoming music bands have adopted the style, energy, and enthusiasm of the band; hence it is okay to say that Iridas is already setting a high bar for the music industry, especially in Jazz, Hip-hop, and rock music. This piano quartet can also be emulated by those interested in instrumental music as its perfect play of instruments is good for benchmarking. This paper focuses on the Iridas music band's musical setting and Matt Smith, the quartet founder, and leader.[Irida Tsevreni, "The Empowering Role of Art in a Critical Pedagogy of Place." Children Youth and Environments 24, no. 1 (2014): 138-157]
Before delving into the setting and structure of the Iridas music band, it is significant to understand its history and operations. I learned about the band back in 2017 after its music went viral and was performed in various venues. The music was played during my cousin's event, and it is from then that my interest in learning about the group developed. Iridas piano quartet was founded in 2015 by Matt Smith after he developed the urge to explore the possibilities of his music style and ability. Initially, the band consisted of violinists Sean Lyons, Megan Shung, and Matt Smith, who received classical music training at Cleveland Institute of Music. After relocating to Los Angeles, cellist Pierre joined the line-up, forming the quartet. The band's driving force was coming up with stylistic contemporary music enriched with rock and electronic dance.
However, it did not take long before some of the band members got replaced. In 2017, the cellist Pierre was replaced by Mikala, while Dimitri replaced Sean a year later. Nonetheless, this move overturned the music band, making it better and with a more refined focus on Jazz, Hip-hop, and rock music. With the new line-up composition, the band's unique voice had been enriched as every member perfectly fitted their role. Additionally, the line-up's creativity, for instance, in the instruments, cello, and the physical presentation during the performance, is incredible.[Katherine Kolb, "Concert by Franz Liszt." Berlioz on Music, 2015, 161-167.]
The Iridas music band's main audience is large and varied, allowing the music to be played in various avenues. As such, the band focuses its strength on various music types, as mentioned earlier, thus capturing different audiences. Although the quartet passionately colors the electronic dance and blends in-stage performances with lush harmony, textural intricacy, and rhythm, the band cannot be classified under classical piano quartet. Its sole desire is to enrich contemporary classical music with both vocal, instruments, and stage performances.
The quartet founder, Matt Smith, was raised in San Diego and started exploring his music career as early as six years old. He started training on playing piano at this tender age, and by the time he was twelve, he was already conversant with playing the trombone. His career's first sparks were cultivated by his desire to compose music for video games and films. Smith cultivated his desire and passion, and by joining Cleveland Music Institute, he developed more skills for his chosen career. From his early training sessions, quality has been his main driving force, and anybody can attest to this by the kind of music he composes.
Smith's high-quality music has been embraced by many people and institutions and is played in many avenues. For instance, his music was played during an artificial inte

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