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The Consumer Behavior of a Typical Customer. (Essay Sample)

My task in this assignment was to describe The Consumer Behavior of a Typical Customer. The work was to be typed in less than 1200 words. do not plagiarized the paper since this will amount to serious academic offence. source..
Marketing Strategies and Consumer Behavior Student's Name Course Professor's name Institution City Date The Consumer Behavior of a Typical Customer. Marketing is more than promotion, advertising and selling things. Experts have defined marketing in different ways. Marketing is comprehensive; it is a term that is commonly used in the marketplace, it is competitive and creates business rivals in the business industry. It is a process through which services and goods move from the concept to the customer. This includes identifying a product, determining the demand, price, and distribution. Marketing is meant to fulfill the needs and wants of the consumers. To determine the customer's need and wants the consumer behavior must be analyzed. By the use of 4P's of marketing determinants which are the product, price, place, and promotion can promote a successful launch of a product. Inside this paper, it entails more on consumer behavior about marketing. Marketing aims to understand what the customers want and provide a product or service that fits him. It can also direct and form consumer behavior. According to the authors of, "Consumer Behavior. Building Marketing Strategy" consumer behavior is "the study of individuals, groups, and organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society " Consumer behavior is also referred to as the psychology of marketing . Consumer behavior explains why customers behave the way they behave. Its principles are derived from economics, sociology, psychology, and marketing.[Xiang, Zheng, Vincent P. Magnini, and Daniel R. Fesenmaier. "Information technology and consumer behavior in travel and tourism: Insights from travel planning using the internet." Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 22 (2015): 244-249.] Consumer behavior is an intricate part of marketing. Without it, marketing would not be whole. Some consumer behaviors are deeply rooted such as visible presences such as the consumer's culture. Consumer behavior varies with different consumer and consumer group. The Marketing Mix Strategies The marketing mix strategies can be defined as a set of controllable marketing tools that are used in a company to get the right and required feedback from its targeted market. Mainly, this comprises of everything, which a company can do for the company to positively influence the demand for its specific product. The marketing mix strategies can be divided into four groups. First, there is the product which constitutes of the goods and services offered by the company. Secondly, there is the price, which is the amount of money paid by the customers for them to purchase the product. Thirdly the place is also a form of marketing mix strategies which involves the activities that the company is involved with to ensure the product is made available to the consumers. Finally, promotion is also a major constituent of the strategies which involves activities which tells about certain features OF a product and its benefits and also convince customers to buy the product. Mostly, all the marketing mix have an as common objective which is to ensure the product reaches its targeted markets.[Sillani, Sandro, and Federico Nassivera. "Consumer behavior in choice of minimally processed vegetables and implications for marketing strategies." Trends in Food Science & Technology 46, no. 2 (2015): 339-345.] However, the four marketing mix strategies hide several weaknesses for example excluding some critical marketing activities. Another problem is that they mainly focus on the seller's view of the market while the consumer's perspective should be the primary concern. In this case, Nivea is a good example of a well-known brand, which was established in the company, is always doing its best to makes sure the products get to the esteemed customer. Additionally, the company is working hard to comprehend the consumer needs. For this to happen, a proper marketing mix was developed for the product to attract many people. At the appropriate analysis, Nivea visage young, which was launched in the year 2005, was mainly targeted at young girls. Correspondingly the company focused on the marketing mix balance to ensure that the product was attractive to the targeted consumers for the success of the company. Product: Essentially, the company realized and understood the consumer needs from this analysis they realized that the younger people needed a more specific product, which could be used on their skin. Therefore what they needed was a beautifying product rather than the standard product they are used in the market. Price: a proper pricing strategy looks into the product and it’s actual; values. As a result, the final cost of the product should be based in this to make it approachable to both the seller and the buyer. Therefore the Nivea visage young had a higher price due to its new packaging and new formula but still at an affordable cost to the consumers. Place: since Nivea aims to be easily accessible to its consumers, the main channels used are retail stores this ensures that the product is well distributed and easily found by the young people who are in need of purchasing the product Promotion: the promotion of the Nivea product is usually based on the actual lif3style of its consumers. Besides,...
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