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The Great Gatsby (Essay Sample)


read the story The Great Gatsby and then explain it according to your own understanding


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The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby is about a sad love story. The story revolves around Tom, Gatsby and Daisy. The first two chapters of the book appear to be boring but one the character by the name Gatsby appears, curiosity and the desire to keep on reading is ignited. Gatsby is able to show the meaning of true love and the consequences that are as a result of the love. The book is enjoying reading because it teachs us that one should live for their present and future, and not the past which is long gone. In the book, one will find that Jay Gatsby loves Daisy too much that he could do anything even beyond his power to gain the social position he thought was necessary to win the love of Daisy. Gatsby wants to create over again the past which entails the time he and Daisy met in Louisville. He always recalls the happy moments with Daisy and in his heart and mind he believes that Daisy will wait for him as she promised. This thought made him crazy in love with Daisy. This is one thing that makes this story be a sad love story.
Gatsby makes that mistake of falling deep in love with Daisy because instead of letting everything go and live his own life he goes living for Daisy. Gatsby should have lived his own life and even find happiness somewhere else instead of dwelling in the past which was long gone and even loving someone who even did not come for his funeral when he passed away1. This story teaches us a lot. One of the lessons is one should not hold on to the past since the past will hold us down. The past will not allow us to the plan for the future which is more important to us more than the past. The story also tells us that one should not try to grasp on to something that is long gone. One should at time care about his or her happiness and not entirely on the happiness of others. The story also tells us that our lives will become better or worse depending on what we plan for the future.
This book is all about American dream, love, time and loss. This book should be recommended to the young youth who are falling in love and who have many dreams and many goals to achieve in life. Gatsby should be a role model to the young youth since he transforms his goals and dreams to become reality. Gatsbay tr...
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