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Marine Pollution: Artificial Trash in the Ocean (Essay Sample)


review on marine pollution


Marine Pollution: Artificial Trash in the Ocean
Cozara et al argues that there is an "accumulation of floating plastic debris in the open ocean”, noting specifically that "the Plastic Age… is leading to a visible accumulation of plastic debris" responsible for marine pollution and biofouling. In seeking to further inform the scientific awareness of the impact of plastic pollution and investigate the quantity, final destination and removal of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, Cozara et al argues for renewed scientific scholarship. Intended primarily for marine (pollution) researchers, the text’s main thesis is that while plastic marine pollution is on the rise, there remains inadequate scientific inquiry into "the abundance and the distribution of plastic debris in the open ocean”. Seeking to provide preliminary insights into the phenomenon of oceanic plastic pollution, Cozara et al "we synthetize data collected across the world to provide a global map and a first- order approximation of the magnitude of the plastic pollution in surface waters of the open ocean”. According to Cozara et al, plastic pollutants in the open waters of the world’s oceans accumulate "in the convergence zones of each of the five subtropical gyres with comparable density”. These are the North Atlantic subtropical, South Pacific subtropical, North Pacific central, South Atlantic, and South Indian Ocean central gyres. Declining to demagogue in favor of pro-environmentalism, Cozara’s tone remains academic, putting the point across in easy yet domain-specific language and organizes the text into clear sub-divisions, namely an introduction, "results and discussion”, and a section on "materials and methods”.[Cozara, A., Echevarríaa, F., González-Gordilloa, J., Úbedaa, B., Hernández-Leónd, S., Palmae, A., Navarrof, S., García-de-Lomasa, J., Ruizg, A., Fernández-de-Puellesh, M., and Duarte, C. (2014). Plastic debris in the open ocean. Current Issue 11(28): 10239–10244] [The removal of plastic from marine habitats in poorly understood and Cozara et al provide five possible means of removal (sinks): biofouling, ingestion and transference of pollutants into food webs, fast nano-fragmentation, shore deposition. The authors note that other methods may yet to be discovered.]
The paper clearly and emphatically communicates its intended purpose. Venturing into the study through a systematic literature review and ocean expedition, the paper provides strong empirical evidence of the existence of oceanic vortices that channel off-shore pollutants into central gyres mentioned a...
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