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Problems of Ethnicity in the Nigerian Federal System of Government (Essay Sample)


PROBLEMS OF ETHNICITY IN THE NIGERIAN FEDERAL SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT: Discuss how ethnicity is slowly eroding the nigerian federl state of government. In your discussion, do not forget to include at least 4 sources of information formatted in chicago style. This paper will account for 40% of your grade. so do not forget to follow the mechnics of academic writing and use correct grammar.


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Nigeria is Africa's most populous state. However, it is also the least united. This division comes from multiethnicity, which splits Nigerians along religion, culture, and language. The British started these issues during the colonial era when they merged the north and the south regions into what is now Nigeria. Even now, the three largest ethnic groups are constantly fighting for power and control of the federal state governments. The result has been ethnic clashes, civil wars, and military coups that threaten national cohesion. In the process, the country has lost numerous lives and suffered extensive economic losses. Thus, ethnicity weakens Nigeria's federalism by causing political, security, and economic issues that risk national peace and stability.
The economy of Nigeria is controlled by three major communities, which restricts growth to the regions these ethnicities occupy. These three ethnic groups are the Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani. Since they are also the majority by numbers, they run most of the state governments. They use this influence to compel elected leaders to divert funds and resources and implement policies that favor them and oppress other ethnicities. The results have been runaway corruption starting at the state level in the employment sector, where openings are mostly reserved for 

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