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Importance of Reconciliation Post Waring Era: Japan and South Korea Colonization and Reconciliation (Essay Sample)


1. The attachment is instruction. You MUST read all the instruction carefully and follow all of it to write.
2. You need to write both first stage and second stage as following:
First stage
a. Annotated Bibliography (300 words: 3 sources and each source should be about 100 words)
b. Passage analysis (write chapter: 600 words)
c. essay proposal (400 words)
Second stage (2000)
3. About passage analysis, you need to analyze the following chapter:
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6. You will write 3300 words
7. The deadline of first stage is on 5th March, at 18:00 in Kenyan time. The deadline of second stage is on 17th, March, at 18:00 in Kenyan time. You must finish it on time. This one can not be delayed.
8. This client is very very important and this assignment is very very important for the client and you MUST find the best writer to do this one.
9. You must give a high quality work. Do not forget to send me turnitin report.


Student’s Name
Importance of Reconciliation Post Waring Era
History holds dark and traumatic memories of the past. Similarly, some countries have suffered historical injustices and treatments, especially during the colonial era. Korea is one of the significant victims of hurting history in the face of the Japanese annexation. The annexation was marked by imperialism and slavery. Significantly, it implies the need for healing from saddened past encounters to have freedom and a future. In essence, the revelation of such traumatic experience is pegged on the relevance of reconciliation. Korean people suffered under the Japanese colonization many decades ago.. Although the war ended, the two countries are still not at peace. Even though significant efforts have many initiated to reconcile the two nations, the same fruits are diminished. However, the need for reconciliation is marked by the attached significance. For instance, the reconciliation between the British and the South Africans was successful and resulted in social integration and unity.. Although high levels of historical racial injustices characterized it, freedom dawned at last.
Japan- Korea Colonization
The colonialism memory held even today among the Koreans is marked by significant trauma. The trauma in Korea was marked by the Colonial rule set by Japan (1910-1945). Japan levied harsh charges on the well-being of Koreans from political to human rights violations. Political mechanisms and intimation marked Japanese imperialism and atrocities. The Korean population was forced into slavery, working in the Japanese factories. Notably, the Korean population lost labor and land to the Japanese administration. Korean men were also arrayed in front as soldiers during war to be killed. Besides, the women of Korea suffered gre

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