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Indentured Servitude System: The Effects, Historical Significance, and Impacts (Essay Sample)


the assignment required the student to analyze the history on indentured servitude, its short and long term effects, how it affected the people, and its historical significance and impacts.


The Indentured Servitude System
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The Indentured Servitude System
The indentured servant system was developed after the expansion of rice, indigo and tobacco field plantations in Southern America that required huge labor force. Without the help of tools and machinery, man’s input was essential for the planting, harvesting and cultivation of these harvests. This framework gave both the servant and master incentives to increase the population the Southern America states that worked. This framework appeared to profit the worker too. Every worker would have their toll across the Atlantic settled completely by their master. A contract agreement was drawn that specified the duration of work which was 5-7years. The worker would be given a home and food for work in the plantations. When the contract ended, the worker would get termination bonus and freedom dues. This may incorporate money, land clothes, food and even guns. On a superficial level it seems like the best option for indentures servants to earn money. But on the contrary, this was not usually the case. Only around 40% of indentured workers really completed their tasks. Women servants were frequently the subject of aggravation from the colonialists. If a woman became pregnant while working regularly, they added few years to their agreed terms. Some of the servants had a chance to acquire land when they became free. However, in the 1660s, a significant part of the plantation lands was asserted by the massive land proprietors. The indentured servers were pushed toward the west, where they faced the native Indians and the land was in bad shape. This paper will look to discuss why I choose the indentured servant system, the short and long-term effects of the event, those who were affected by it and how indentured servitude changed history. Consequently, Did failure of the indentured system lead to slavery in the pre-Columbian era?[Handler, Jerome S., and Matthew C. Reilly. "Contesting “White Slavery” in the Caribbean: Enslaved Africans and European Indentured Servants in Seventeenth-Century] [Barbados." New West Indian Guide/Nieuwe West-Indische Gids 91, no. 1-2 (2017): 30-55.]
Therefore, I selected the indentured servitude system because of the historical value it represents. Researchers argue that this event is what might have created the slavery system. When the indentured system began its decline, the proprietors started to search for alternative workforces. The first Black-Africans immigrated to Southern America when no slave regulations and law existed, at first, they were treated as indentured workers, and provided with similar freedoms dues like the whites. Regardless, slave laws were before long passed and any tiny freedoms that were there for blacks were taken away.[Hopkins, Allie, Meg Caesar, Zoe Law, Nick Cooney, and Eileen Hogan. "Indentured Servitude in Early America." (2017).]
As the demand for work increased, so did the indentured workers expenses. Numerous proprietors additionally felt undermined by recently liberated servants land interests. The colonial leaders understood the indentured servitude problems. Landowners started acquiring African slaves as the ever-sustainable and a more beneficial labor source and the shift to slavery servitude from indentured servitude had started.
short-and long-term effects of indentured servitude system
Even though indentured servitude appears as though a suitable choice for the individuals who lack freedom to make money, the framework had both short term and long-term effects, including creating a dependency on the masters and a low quality of life for workers. A man gave his experience as an indentured servant, clarifying how he was not on just, and he isn't sufficiently paid to travel somewhere else for various work. What other place would he be able to go? Hence, worker dependency is created by indentured servitude. Regardless of the way that indentured system isn't in fact 

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