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Socialism in the Atlantic Revolutions Analysis (Essay Sample)


To what extent did socialist thinking in the period between 1800 and 1914 reflect the issues of the Atlantic Revolutions? In what ways did socialist thinking depart from those earlier revolutionary upheavals?


Socialism in Atlantic revolution
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Socialism refers to the economic and political theory associated with the social organization that mainly advocates for the production, distribution, and exchange of good and services, which is regulated by the community. Socialism advocates for promoting social equalities, reducing the wealth disparities and solve the issues of unemployment and the economic inflation. Socialism ensures that there is a redistribution of wealth through the spread of government policies and wealth across all the class of people from the low level, middles class, and the high-income earners. Atlantic revolutions were an uprising movement between the year 1800 and 1914. Atlantic revolution is associated with the Atlantic world during the period between the 1770s and 1870s. The revolution involved many countries, including America, Europe, united states, France and Spain. The revolution took place in different in all the countries. The Atlantic revolutions are the plays an essential part in the education systems on the modern world history courses.[Jeremy Adelman, Sovereignty and Revolution in the Iberian Atlantic (Princeton University Press, 2009)] [The American Revolution and Atlantic Revolutions," The SHAFR Guide Online (n.d.), doi:10.1163/2468-1733_shafr_com_02016.]
The identification and expression of ideas during the Atlantic revolutions reflected the lousy condition of the living standards of the people. The citizens advocating the established of equal opportunities of the people was an indicator that the rights of the less fortunate people in the society .were undermined. In all levels including the health care and the provision of the education to all the people. Implementation of the rule of law discriminated the less fortunate people in society.["The American Revolution and Atlantic Revolutions," The SHAFR Guide Online (n.d.), doi:10.1163/2468-1733_shafr_com_02016.]
During the late 1700s, there were conflicts in the entire Atlantic advocation for the freedom for all humanity. The era was characterized by having different views from different people who try to express their ideas and words to contribute to the national growth of the nation. America and part of the eastern nation such as France decided to rebuild their countries with ideology that all men are born equal. Therefore it should be given equal opportunities and treated with equal rights by the government.
The methods used in the Atlantic revolution includes leadership, economic resistance, and ideology propaganda. In recent years, the Atlantic revolution has been determined to be more than a connection between American and French revolutions. The American and French revolution was political and disturbances in Britain, in Europe and third world countries. The role of the revolution is to enable the creation of a more democratic community. In the year 1973, characterization of Atlantic revolution achieved by the development of new ideas rather than adjustment of the pre-existing policies and standards.[Clive Emsley and Open University. Age of Revolutions Course Team, An Atlantic-democratic revolution? (1971)] [Emsley and Open University. Age of Revolutions Course Team]
In the long-tern, the revolutions were successful l in most of the countries ideas in Atlantic revolutions spread widely the concepts and methodology of liberalism, development of republic nations, and the overthrown of the administration of aristocracies in most of the countries. The ruling of many kings and the established churches was ended at the end of the revolution. The revolution emphasized universal Enghlightment of ideas which includes equalities of all gender, including justices in the enforcement of the law by the judicially in courts. Initially, the administration of law on the men enabled to men at the local moral. The ideas of the revolution were developed and continuously flourished in the present day and have shown positive output in the present day.[Clive Emsley and Open University. Age of Revolutions Course Team, An Atlantic-democratic revolution? (1971)]
The American revolution sprouts out from the transatlantic age of the revolution in the year 1776. This revolution leads to the creation of republic independent and democratic monarchy in large part of the nations in the world. After the return author, Paine foresaw to England and France radicalization continued with that publication of the book of rights of man in the year 1791. Paine served as a pollical revolution in France and England. Paine international role in his radicalization helps in revealing the links between the different countries in the age of Atlantic revolutions. Atlantic revolutions were associated with tensions within the communities due to the various ideologies the societies. Atlantic revolution had a broad understanding of democratic and political influences. The government took control of industries and provision of essential basic needs such as the provision of electricity to citizens, thus reducing high-income earner controlling on the provision of these services. National housing allocation was left under the administration of the government to ensure that the citizens receive these services without discrimination.[Clive Emsley and Open University. Age of Revolutions Course Team, An Atlantic-democratic revolution? (1971)]
Socialism brought about the provision of equal access to primary education and better health care services. As opposed to the ideology of capitalism, socialism ensures that there is the provision of better health care and reduction of education cost to the people. S

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