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Traditional Religions (Essay Sample)


The task of this paper was to research on traditional religions. This sample paper expounds on different types of religions. It also provides detailed information on the ways in which religion traditions have shaped people’s views about themselves, their society, and nature in the past. Additionally, this sample paper details on how different traditional religions perceived the perception of self, purpose of life, and human relation with nature.


Traditional Religions
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1 Introduction
2 Hinduism
3 Buddhism
4 Islamic
5 Christianity
6 Confucianism perception of self, purpose of life, and human relation with nature
7 Hinduism perception of self, purpose of life, and human relation with nature
8 Buddhism perception of self, purpose of life, and human relation with nature
9 Polytheism perception of self, purpose of life, and human relation with nature
10 Christianity perception of self, purpose of life, and human relation with nature
Ways in which religion traditions have shaped people's views about themselves, their society, and nature in the past
Religious traditions impact people's views concerning themselves, the society, and nature. Religious traditions led to the cropping of some characters and fears within people in the society in the past. They not only constrained the behaviors of people towards some specific points, but also united people to nature. For instance, the Hindus, the Christians, Islam, and the Buddhist had different religious perception about themselves, their society, and nature, but related greatly in terms of views.
The Hindus, one Being worshippers, associated their livelihood with the past practices. They believed that their mode of living had a direct connection with their past livelihood. In most occasions, they associated hardship lives with the evil acts. This religious belief made majority of them avoid committing crimes in the society. It also made most people undergoing suffering to consider themselves as sinners and those living happily as holly. In order to avoid suffering, Hindus also believed in having a spiritually controlled society. This religious believe made them perceive their society as the only society that permits mixed and varied versions of leadership. Indeed, Hinduism played a significant role towards emergence of a caste system made up of religious tendencies. Additionally, Hinduism enacted a crucial thought in people concerning their environment. According to it, there was a great relationship between the environment and human beings. The existence of karma teachings made people perceive the act of misusing the environmental resources as a portrayal of selfishness. This made Hindus believe in having and maintaining a well natural balance.[Beate Diagnas, Historical and Religious Memory in the Ancient World (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012), 198-201.] [Kevin, Reilly. The West and the World: A History of Civilization: From the Ancient World to 1700 (New York: Markus Wiener Publishers, 1997) 211-232.]
The Buddhists, none believers of any gods or being, believed that human beings had some transformations in life that had a great connection with their livelihood. They believed in existence of countless rebirths including suffering. Just as the Hindus, they believed in individual acts contributing significantly to the occurrence of rebirths. This religious belief made Buddhists develop different views about themselves. Some of them associated their suffering with their occasional involvement in sinning. Buddhism also made Buddhists view themselves as hardworking; their religion did not allow any sort of laziness or lethargy among its people. The teachings of Buddha also make Buddhists view themselves as the kind hearted and generous people. The teachings also make them view themselves as the only beings with the potential of solving any kind of problem in life. The inoculation of Buddhism culture also played a significant role in the cropping of good habits and decisions among the Buddhists. Buddhism also made Buddhist view their societal practices as the best among all religions that exist in the world. It made them view their society as a society that easily differentiates good from bad and true from false; a society that believes in only truth. Buddhism also made Buddhists view nature differently. According to ...
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