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CYBERSEX TRAFFICKING ON CHILDREN in Australia. Law Essay (Essay Sample)


highlights on identification prevention, punishing and deterrence of CYBERSEX TRAFFICKING of children in Australia


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With the proliferation of technology worldwide, human trafficking has advanced beyond its “traditional” form. No longer is the sexual exploitation of children limited to face-to-face contact, as cyber-sex trafficking allows this exploitation to occur through a computer screen from thousands of kilometres away. With the aid of technology, children are now sexually abused through the internet. The children are usually coerced by adult predators or paedophile whose location can be anywhere in the world. Cybersex trafficking is a horrendous violation of the dignity of human beings, and it is also a threat to the safety and health of people. It has never been more relevant that Australia and the international community develop legislation which effectively prevents, punishes and deters this sort of conduct. Transnational crimes such as this can only be effectively combated through strong cross-border cooperation, driven by national law enforcement agencies who's aim is to protect the 2 million children who are involved in the sex trade worldwide.
Cybersex Trafficking, a modern-day slavery
Content Hosting, Providers and Distribution.
Cybersex trafficking is considered a form of modern-day slavery. It is the sexual abuse of children that is perpetrated through a live stream of sexual exploitation of children through the internet. Through the coercion of adults that collect cash through an online transaction, the children are recorded performing sexual acts in real-time by either a sexual predator or paedophile whose location can be anywhere in the world. It should be understood that Livestream of sexual content for profit can be associated with several offences which may include but not limited to human trafficking and child pornography. It can argue that cybersex trafficking is a specie of sexual violence that may require special prosecutorial priority.[.]

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