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Counseling as a Talking Therapy (Essay Sample)


Describing how counseling has been used as talking therapy to children, people with disabilities, and leaders.


Counseling as a Talking Therapy
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Counseling as a Talking Therapy
Counselling has been significantly considered as talking therapy. It has been substantially used to lower emotions, offer encouragements and settle disputes between conflicting parties. Hence, counseling has been used as a key to reintegrating improved communication, self-acceptance, and friendship.
Psychological counselors have used the art of counseling to schoolchildren to help improve their communication and interpersonal skills. When children have been faced with hardships that made them lose hope in gaining better grades and relating well with their teachers, the counseling process had helped them overcome the fear of asking questions when they did not understand. Their teachers' relationship has improved, who have helped the children grow their interpersonal skills into academic achievements.[Domitrovich, Celene E., Joseph A. Durlak, Katharine C. Staley, and Roger P. Weissberg. "Social‐emotional competence: An essential factor for promoting positive adjustment and reducing risk in school children." Child development 88, no. 2 (2017): 408-416.]
Counselling has been a significant key to offering morale to people with disabilities by providing them a sense of self-acceptance. People with disabilities do not fail in various activities like sports, education, or businesses because of their inability. Self-denial and lack of self-acceptance contribute to the decline in belief and trust in their ability to prosper in the chosen fields of engagement. For instance, the disabled used to be laughing stalks in the streets and did not engage in sports activities like basketball. However, through psychological counseling and challenge about "disability is not inability," we have witnessed people with disabilities participate in sports activities.[Gould, James B. "Culpable ignorance, professional counselling, and selective abortion of intellectual disability." Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 17, no. 3 (2020): 369-381.]
Offering guidance and counseling to leaders has helped turn their heads away from revenge activities that have undermined peace in the world. Emotion management and the emergence of better expression forms have helped end world wars and build peaceful treaties amongst nations. For instance

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