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Intelligence Oversight (Essay Sample)


Does oversight work as it exists? Is there much scrutiny of strategic intelligence efforts? If so, what works and what doesn't.
Do you feel the system, overall, is satisfactory? If so, why--if not why not?


Intelligence oversight
Intelligence Oversight came into being from an act of 1980 when the federal law amended the Hughes- Ryan act. This act required the government of the United States to hire agencies whose main tasks will be to report covert actions to the House of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Moreover, the duties of these agencies exceeded to serve Senate select committee on intelligence with the same covert action (Baldino and Daniel 2010, 220).
Though the oversight is evident that it is existing, it functions less than expected. Several scenarios have displayed the ineffectiveness of this intelligence oversight. The investigations done by the bureaus previously using the double tap tactics found contradicting results as those reported by the oversight agencies. The members of the committee have been complaining about being denied some very crucial information that touches on the intelligent and security issues. This is in contradiction of the roles the agents should play as its formation was to inform the committee on covert actions.
According to the report published on (Los Angeles times June 4, 2012), it is described how anonymous aides set strikes and carried out successful major attacks for the agency that ended up killing Yahya al-Libi, the algae as the second command. The footage revealed that missile killed al-Libi and not the attack by the agent. The reports from different research came out with different stories and credible reports regarding the events and made it more complex. The media such as the BBC, CNN, and other international news outlets reported that a missile killed al-Libi and not the drone launched. From this context, it can be deduced that the intelligence oversight is not doing its work right as stipulated by the act.
Disclosures show that there is scrutiny of the intelligence efforts so that measures can be taken to improve its services. From the assessments carried out at the intelligent agents in Pakistan, it is shown that the United States was using its intelligent agents to lay a strategic plan so as to swoop in and then seize the country’s nuclear complex. The information also displayed that its agents of intelligent have found information deemed necessary for the operation. For instance, when the director of national intelligence James Clapper was asked if the Pakistanis had an appropriate plan for safeguarding the nuclear, the answer was yes. This is because the agents had done all the investigations necessary.
For this scrutiny, the plans that work include the plans for keeping the nation's spy agencies vigil. Moreover, by ensuring that the agents of intelligence are carrying out their tasks within the law, the scrutiny will be successful. Additionally, by focusing on real-ti...
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