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How to Live as Citizen of God's Kingdom According to Romans and Hebrews Passages (Essay Sample)


The main text for discussion was galatians 5: 22-23. Students were then required to select 2 other biblical verses that directly relate to the information in this main verse for further discussion.
In all aspects, the writtent work had to show what a christian needs to do to live as a citizen of god's kingdom.


Living as Citizens of God’s Kingdom
The two selected passages include Romans 6: 19-23 and Hebrews 10: 19-25. In Romans, the author advises Christians in Rome to get rid of the bondage of sin and choose to serve God as subjection to God’s power results in eternal life while enslavement of sin leads to death. The original audiences of this text were Christians, who for a long time lived as pagans and submitted themselves to vices such as malice, wickedness, and hatred for God. When writing the letter, Apostle Paul knew that those Christians struggled to abandon their old ways of life to embrace the new faith to which they recently accepted fully. In this regard, therefore, the Apostle reminded the new converts that they could not let sin control them anymore and that it was their duty to serve God with fairness. On the other hand, the author encourages Hebrews to have faith in Christ because it is only through him that they are freed from sins, fear and death. Moreover, the author urged Christians to stick together and support each other. To the original audience, the letter offered advice at a time when they faced so much opposition that they almost abandoned the Christian faith.[Romans 6: 21] [Hebrew 10: 25]
Although it is over 2000 years from the time when the passages were written, they still apply to our lives as Christians. The passage in Romans reminds us to devote ourselves to God’s service by living righteously. Generally, the text tells us of our duty and encourages us to stay faithful to God’s service. The central concept 

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