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Relationship Between Boredom and the Sabbath (Essay Sample)


analyzing the phenomenon and genealogy of boredom, looking for solutions to counter boredom and establishing the relationship of boredom and the Sabbath


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Nicholas E. Lombardo in, his article, Boredom and Modern Culture, analyzed the literature of Joris-Karl Huysmans and especially the 1844 book titled, ‘Against the Grain’ At the time, Huysmans had attempted to escape the boredom of modern life for a suburban living style. At his new residence, he did everything he could to make his life more enjoyable, but all he, could think of was the memories he had made in Paris. He gave a chronological account of his life in the suburban with extreme details of everything he did and thought (Eastwood et al., 2012). This essay will be analyzing the phenomenon of boredom, genealogy of boredom, looking for solutions to counter boredom, and establishing the relationship between boredom and the Sabbath.
Phenomenon and genealogy of boredom: The novel, 'Boredom and modern culture' was referred to as 'The book about nothing'. After it was published, it became sensational in France and across Europe. It also faced a lot of criticism from the religious conservatives, but it also had its supporters. The Decadent movement is one of the groups that supported his thought and even made it their bible. Moreover, the contents are said to have influenced Oscar Wilde to write The Picture of Dorian Gray. It showed that Huysmans was not the only one finding modern life boring. His contemporaries sought refuge in the idea that they were not alone, and they had someone vocal enough to raise the issue publicly.The issue of boredom has become the theme of modern literature. According to Lombardo, most modern scholars talk about boredom without clearly understanding its root causes and its cure. In addition to that, it only affected humans and no other animals since animals only slept without any emotional distress. It is only an experience without qualities or any desire.[Lombardo, Nicholas E., OP. 2017. "Boredom and Modern Culture." Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 20, 2: 37. ] [Ibid., 37.] [Ibid., 38.]
When bored, it is difficult to find 

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