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Digital Fashion (Essay Sample)


The task was about digital fashion and aimed to discuss how different aspects such as technology continue to enhance digital fashion today. The instructions were specific to use the provided resrources, with one being a video on the topic. The order delved into discussing how sociology and anthropoliogy applies to digital fashion. Another aspect of the essay was to delve into the role of business and technology in enhancing digital fashion.


Digital Fashion
Digital fashion is one of the ventures that has thrived based on the influence of technology. Fashion remains a core pillar of human identity since it serves as a way of expression through various forms of preferred fashion. Ideally, digital fashion enables creators not only to rely on physical fabric but to use other technologically advanced avenues to capture their creations. It offers a more sustainable fashion venture than the traditional purely physical means. Digital fashion also enhances imagination and creativity and allows creators to explore fashion in unique ways that most people have never experienced. In this case, the two selected disciplines to help analyze digital fashion are sociology and anthropology and technology and business. The two disciplines provide varied contexts for analyzing digital fashion and its implications for people.
Sociology and Anthropology
Sociology and anthropology as a discipline venture into understanding different aspects of social life. The discipline ventures into what informs such aspects of social life concerning human beings and their actions. Digital fashion is an example of an aspect that touches on human lives. One of the ways of pursuing it from a sociology and anthropology

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