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Gender Inequality In China During The Time Of Transition From The Empire To The Republic In The Early 20th Century. (Essay Sample)


Gender Inequality In China During The Time Of Transition From The Empire To The Republic In The Early 20th Century.


Gender Inequality In China During The Time Of Transition From The Empire To The Republic In The Early 20th Century.
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Gender inequality in China in the early 20th century
The persistent economic growth in china serves as a tool for rescuing millions of households from wallowing in poverty. If people residing in rural areas leave subsistent farming and chances of other forms of employment increases, the households generate a lot of income. This strategy has enhanced the Chinese in the transformation from state socialism. However, men have benefited significantly from other forms of employment as compared to women. This situation makes women lag in development and personal growth.
Despite the ever increase in the non-agriculture form of employment, the state of women is feared to worsen even though households receive a substantial amount of income. The situation is perpetuated by employers who have a preference for men than women during recruitment. Women are believed to perform societal roles like caring for children. The increasing number of men leaving for formal employment has left women to be responsible for agricultural farming. Since farming generates lower income than formal employment, women are economically down in comparison to men. Their low economy makes them less powerful and influential in society.
During the year 1978, china witnessed the change from agricultural farming to industrial set up. The changes lead to the development of many industries making Chinese citizens rely more on the market to generate income. The industries built were privately, and government-owned. Several industries emerged in rural areas promoting market-driven economies. The gender disparity arises since women were losing in marketization. The labor from women was not valued in running the private family enterprise. Male gender was given a priority in starting and running a business as opposed to the female gender.
Another factor that has affected women in employment is the application of certain features by employers when recruiting workers. For instance, workers prefer to use certain traits such as experience and educational attainment. When these characteristics are used, they mostly favor men than women and give men better chances for wage employment as opposed to women. Organizations prefer features that are more inclined to men than women since they consider more productive. 

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