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Jezebel Unhinged Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The sample is a social science task about the evolution of jezebel and black venus trope in an attempt to discover the origin of racial discrimination on women both in Europe and the united states


Jezebel Unhinged
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Black women have, for a long time, become victims of racial, sexual, and gender attacks in the United States. The main reason for their torture can be explained from the perspective that women are not eligible to engage in politics, inventions, or even offer advice to anyone. In essence, the aspect of overlooking black women on such grounds has seen many cases of sexual abuse such as rape that go unresolved. In reality, these women are civilized just the same way as white women in terms of education and overall behavior, but they still face racial prejudice. Evaluating the evolution and connection of Jezebel trope to black Venus trope is essential for a better understanding of the subject.
Jezebel trope is a metaphoric word commonly used to refer to black women in the American setup. The evolution of Jezebel trope can be traced back to the biblical teachings about the famous Jezebel who used sexual trickery to put Samson in grave temptations. Since then, black women have been dubbed Jezebel because they are presumably linked to causing corruption and sexual attractions as well as serving as items of objectification. The Jezebel trope is connected to black Venus trope in that both represent women's humiliation. 

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