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Automobile and American Life (Essay Sample)


Brief explanation on the impacts and effects of automobile in American life


Automobile and American Life
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Automobile and American Life
The invention and introduction of automobile in America has been of immense significant in respect to a plethora of facets associated with economy growth, social and cultural life. The benefits of the automobile have been considerably influential vis a vis the old forms of transport; horses, railroad and bicycles. The automobile has shaped nearly every aspect of the American life attributed to automotive revolution and the efforts to accrue much success. Similarly, it has had a cogent influence on contemporary literature, and it has shaped the American life style in all forms and classes.[Heitmann, Alfred, John. The Automobile and American Life. (North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2009), 3.] [Ibid., 185.]
Most of the changes enhanced by the introduction of automobile were alterations in the procedure applied in production methods, in industries. This was evinced through mass production of goods and the increase in the number of the consumer population, in the machine age. This was highly facilitated with the debut of the "assembly line method" in industries and increase, in freight transport. In tandem to this, mobility was augmented, stepping up all the accesses, increasing conveniences through improved infrastructure. Moreover, cost of goods decreased and management of natural disasters was proficient. Historical facets like civil rights and women liberation movements were also alleviated.[Ibid., 4.] [Ibid., 1.] [O’Toole, Randal. The Greatest Invention: How Automobiles Made America Great. (Centre for the American Dream of Mobility and Home Ownership, Last Modified in September 2006, /articles/6-2006.pdf ), 18.]
In line with this, culture of the American life style also transformed appreciably, with new sets of panoramas. There was the development of urban areas and the inducement of social freedom. However, t...
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