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Automobile and American Life (Essay Sample)


Brief explanation on the impacts and effects of automobile in American life


Automobile and American Life
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Automobile and American Life
The invention and introduction of automobile in America has been of immense significant in respect to a plethora of facets associated with economy growth, social and cultural life. The benefits of the automobile have been considerably influential vis a vis the old forms of transport; horses, railroad and bicycles. The automobile has shaped nearly every aspect of the American life attributed to automotive revolution and the efforts to accrue much success. Similarly, it has had a cogent influence on contemporary literature, and it has shaped the American life style in all forms and classes.[Heitmann, Alfred, John. The Automobile and American Life. (North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2009), 3.] [Ibid., 185.]
Most of the changes enhanced by the introduction of automobile were alterations in the procedure applied in production methods, in industries. This was evin...
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