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Materiality in Space – Atmosphere (Essay Sample)


The sample is about Materiality in Space – Atmosphere

Title: Materiality in Space – Atmosphere
Materiality and space focuses on how organizations are bound with the materials forms and spaces through which human being interact. Questions relating to space, its dynamics and the materiality of its objects have been fascinating for architectures (Böhme 2005, pg89). However, it is a fact to note that architecture has taken over the space and every material found in the space started as an architectural work. The atmosphere, in relation to architecture and spatial design-refers to the sensorial qualities that a space emits (VAUJANY & MITEV 2013, pg154).
Materiality in Space – Atmosphere
The concept of atmosphere is applied by every designer and architects to argue the case that architecture and space is designed and built mainly to be used and experienced by people (Böhme 2005, pg66). The atmosphere has resulted to culmination of relationship spheres which subsequently has changed the perception about the current environment. Spaces of atmosphere have been shaped via a bodily interaction with architecture. It is worth noting the physical shapes of the space architecture may be a barrier to getting anything at all to the space. This paper tries to understand the concept of materiality and space. Specifically, the paper focuses on the architecture and its effects on the atmosphere (Böhme 2005, pg23). The atmosphere in this case represents the space and the earth’s surface.
To date, most space habitats have used modular architectural design to help them achieve their goals (VAUJANY & MITEV 2013, pg67). But the most important thing is to apply the architectural principle that advocate for most appropriate materials and leaving them at their uncompromised state. The principle is called truth to materials. Therefore, it is undeniable fact that architecture is part of today’s space and it has helped define the current nature of the space. Every modification that has taken place in the space has direct link with ...
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