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The Effectiveness of Communication in Performance at the Workplace (Essay Sample)


the paper was about communication is the workplace and its effectiveness towards performance.


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Business communication is the process of sharing information between individuals within an organization and the outside world. It is an essential tool for all the stakeholders within a firm since it assists in improving organizational practices. Effective business communication is vital for organizations because it helps build teamwork, boosts productivity, and aids collaboration among the employees. When a certain firm uses the proper channels to target and attain clients, communication becomes the center of the relationship. Feedbacks are a form of business communication from customers, and thus when companies consider the requests, they tend to improve their customer relationship because of satisfaction. Social media can be used as a mechanism of business communication. Apart from communication with fellow employees, its networks assist in communicating with new clients based in different regions. The essay focuses and elaborates on social media as a positive influence on internal and external business communications.
Both external and internal communication significantly affects the business related to growth and success. Internal communication refers to the interchange of information and ideas within an organization (Ahmad, Bakar & Ahmad, 2019, np). In internal communication, messages can be exchanged via personal contact, telephone and e-mails. In external communications, the ideas and information are exchanged outside the organization and also internally. Organizations communicate with the outside world, and thus the communications departments play major roles in every business. Even though internal and external communications operations are often dissimilar, they have similar aims and must be coordinated when communicating with workers, customers, and other stakeholders. Social media platforms, for instance, Facebook, can be used to communicate externally with customers through their pages, maybe to make requests to the products or other relevant feedback. It, therefore, has a positive influence on customer relationships. In a different situation where a company needs to change or brand its product or service, social media can promote it to reach a wider segment. One way to do this is by using celebrities with a massive number of followers on their platforms (Ewing, Men & O’Neil, 2019, p. 120). They post the new product with few upgraded details, and through it, it can be easily seen and shared amongst individuals. Thus, it impacts the sales and makes profits for the company. Therefore, businesses need to look at both internal and external audiences to have a unified and well-set communication strategy to share information without bias.

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