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Trader Joe (Essay Sample)


Any Business can be chosen
Example UHT milk Companies.
Contents page
• Introduction: this should include some background on the SME and entrepreneur(s). You may wish to include details such as the type of business, size, how long it has been trading, etc. Students should also give a brief account here of the research process (focusing primarily on the secondary data collection). The aims and objectives of the report, or the terms of reference, should be clearly spelled out and should obviously relate to the assessment brief above; with the 9 components.
• Findings: here the results of the research need to be presented. This section should follow along the lines of the aims and objectives highlighted in the introduction. The purpose in this section is to set out the elements covered as part of the research set out above. This should include the nature of the entrepreneur, the start-up process, the business concept and competitive advantage, the current level of demand the competitive environment, the growth and development of the business to date, the challenges of managing and running the SME, and your assessment of current growth and development strategy. Students should also highlight appropriate government support schemes that may be available to the business. In addition students should consider the extent to which the business has developed social or sustainability goals and whether there is opportunity to do so. Students are also expected to consistently support their work with reference to appropriate sources and course materials (cited in accordance with the Harvard referencing convention).
• Conclusions: this should follow logically on from the findings and provide a concise summary of them. No new information should be presented here.
• Recommendations: here students should present their proposals for the future growth and development of their SMEs and these should be costed, compelling and persuasive. Work should be supported with reference to appropriate sources.
• References and Bibliography: you should be discerning about your sources of information and ensure that all references conform to the Harvard convention.


Student's Name
* The report analyzes the nature of the entrepreneur, the business from conception to date, its unique business model, competitive advantages, growth strategies, operational challenges, and sustainability goals.
Nature of Entrepreneur
* Innovative
* Problem Solver
* Visionary
Startup Process
* The fall of Pronto Market inadvertently led to the rise of Trader Joe stores.
* Coulombe opened the first Trader Joe's store in 1967 in California.
Business Concept and Competitive Advantage
* Unique product labeling
* Using the store as a marketing tool
* Curated product portfolio
Current Level of Demand and Competition
* Trader Joe's has the highest sales per square foot, a crucial key performance index in the retail market.
* Trader Joe's net sales were predicted to be $13.7 billion in 2019, making it the most profitable grocery shop in the U.S.
Growth and development of the Business
* Trader Joe's target market wanted high-quality food, which they could not afford in the few high-end outlets.
* Trader Joe's had 19 stores when it was sold to Aldi Nord in 1979.
* As of 2021, Trader Joe's has more than 530 locations across the U.S.

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