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Expansion and Improvement of the Manchester Airport (Essay Sample)


The work was based on the expansion and improvement process of the manchester airport. I first started by running a short history of the manchester airprt and some of the unique features that separates it from other airports in the Uk. I captured some of the expansion and improvement schemes on the airport in order to increase its capacity and performance as well as the results (both positive and negative) that the improvement process would bring forth.


Manchester Airport, which is located in Ringway, Manchester, England is an international airport initially known as Ringway Airport. It was officially opened on 25th June 1938 (Budd and Ison 2021). It is owned and managed by Manchester Airport Holdings. Besides Heathrow Airport, it is the only airport in the UK that can operate two Runaways over 2999 metres in length (Maggiore and Fitch, 2019). The airport has four terminals, one for cargo and three for passengers. The airport covers an area of about 1400 acres with flights to 199 destinations, making it the airport thirteenth globally for total destination served.
Since you have seen a short summary of Manchester airport. The current airport deals with certain numbers can be increased and, therefore, a proposal has been put in place. The airport is known for having a non-identical role to the other known regional airports, and this is because of its facilities, connectivity, scale, route network, and many more. Manchester Airport brings a lot of revenue and benefits to Northern Britain. So we would want to increase the total number of income the airport generates by increase the number of passengers per year.
A proposal for adding the passenger terminal and expanding the existing ones and adding a Runaway. With the target of 50 million passengers a year, the runaway will add the number aircrafts per hour from the current 61 (How many planes take off from Manchester Airport each day? – SidmartinBio, 2021). Expanding the current terminals will increase each terminal to accommodate at least 3 million more passengers. The 5th terminal is expected to accommodate up to 10 million passengers when built correctly.
Passenger Terminal
To increase the number of passengers that come to the airport, the airport will have to increase the number of terminals and expand the existing terminals. One of the main challenges airports face today is the COVID 19 pandemic, and the virus requires social distancing. Many passengers increase the challenge of observing the COVID 19 protocol, especially social distancing. Terminal 1 holds around 11 million passengers per year, and the 2nd Terminal holds around 8 million passengers a year, while the 3rd Terminal is 44,400 m² holds around 7 million passengers a year. A 4th passenger PremiAir VIP terminal was opened in 2019, providing extra services to passengers (PremiAir | Manchester Airport's Private Terminal, 2021). The 5th Terminal will work in conjunction with the 3rd Terminal since VIP passengers who use the 4th PremiAir VIP terminal would not be many. It will not hold a lot of passengers. The new Terminal will be expected to hold 10 million passengers a year, apart from adding a 4th terminal the existing terminals to be expanded to hold at least 3 million passengers each.
Figure 1: Arrivals and Departures of passengers in millions per year till 2019 from 2005 (Statista, 2021)
Looking at the above trends the airport is expected to reach 50 million passengers per year by 2030. The airport will be getting ready to carter for the large number.
Another adjustment that could be done is adding a third Runaway; having a lot of passengers means using a lot of aircraft. The airport has restrictions to 61 aircrafts movements per hour. Having passengers with only two terminals is restricting since many flights are delayed, or passengers do not get flights, which is frustrating. The number of aircraft per hour has to increase to at least 90 aircraft to serve the 50 million passenger targets. Therefore, a third runaway will be added which is 

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