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Why Mandatory Voting is Necessary. Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


in your own opinion, do you think that mandatory voting is the solution to the electoral injustices


Why Mandatory Voting is Necessary
Ideally, a right should not be forced onto the people. They should look at what they deserve and then act accordingly. In this case, the ideal situation would be where the electorate looks at the importance of voting and duly takes part in its civic duties. The problem is that Canada has had a chronically low voter turnout for much of its history. The country’s prime ministers regularly win their seats after elections with extremely low voter turnouts. The main reason for mandating voting is that it is now the best way of protecting under-represented individuals. There are categories of Canadians who have a difficult time voting. For them, not voting is not really a choice: it is a product of circumstances. Curing the Canadian body politic requires a radical step. Mandatory voting will force the government to put in place measures which will bring in disadvantaged Canadians into the voting process.
Canada is indeed one of the most liberal and progressive democracies in the world but it is impossible to ignore the fact that many of its citizens are not represented in the political system. The country has had historically neglected communities and the impact is visible in the manner in which voting occurs (Vance, 2016). 

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