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Does Technology Enhance Children Learning (Essay Sample)


Does technology enhance children learning

Technology is the use of science application to solve a problem .In academic field technology has been used to help the children learn better by easy accession of the information when they need it and made lessons more for enjoyable .The most common technology used by children include video games, tablets iPods, computers ,social networks etc.
The use of technology in children has different effects depending on child which is determined by time spend on computer, the age of a child. Older children who use technology in learning tend to out smarter the young ones , Cviko Mckenney and Voogt( 2012) .Children who had access and exposure t o computers at homes shows tend to learn fast compared to their counterpart who never before used a computer Zacharia, Loizou and Papavripidou(2012).
The use of technology encourages homeschooling; alternative education is on the increase. The opportunities of learning online are many. The Global Student Network is an example where it is a good resource centre. It boosts of offering six of the best leading curricula in one location.
Technology allows for connections, children can connect with fellow students of particular interest, and anything in the world. With programs like Skype it allows “face to face” visits with anyone regardless of borders.
The use of technology enhances reading, the use of devices like e-readers and tablets have enabled books to be accessible anywhere. Children have the ability to have virtual library on the go because of the use of eBooks.
With technology there is availability of options like practice math’s, reading and writing skills. There are website dedicated for these services like;, This encourages their problem-solving skills, where they gather around 2 to 3 kids in one laptop either to practice reading, maths or writing.
Limitless number of educational opportunities, there is wealth information due to technology. A child can search for anything online he/she is curious about. Again children can see wild animals with webcams in their natural habitats. This helps in more understanding of wild animals.
Learning is made to be engaging and portable; computers and other educational devices have many educational apps. Like and, these apps aid children in their learning. The use of technology by children it encourages more engagement and becomes more active. The children have variety of option where to use information. The teacher is only present as guider but not the centre of attention. Reen Young (2013)
Children are able to work better with their teachers .Incase a teacher does not know something he/she can admit and encourage the children to work together so that they can find solution to the problem online. Unlike past where teachers could not inform their students to search online and never admitted when they did not know something, Al Rodger (2011)
The children are able to build skills which can help them in life for example to problem solving, communication and critical thinking skills. By use technology the children are able interact with their fellow students viral where they can exchange ideas. Children social development grow faster by Playing video games especially those which encourage many players ,the children engage each other while playing games, Lim(2012).
The children in classroom are able to get more individualized attention from their teacher. The teacher is able to track the progress of his pupils in real time as the lessons progress. With computers and other devices have apps and other program with ability of tracking. A teacher is able to discover the pupils who are lagging behind hence help them to catch up with rest in class Tracy Gray (2013).
Limitations of internet, computers and other devices have to be connected through the internet. Internet comes with a price and good infrastructure. Areas with poor infrastructure and poor parents and schools, their kids cannot have intern...
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