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This is my final task for this semester. Your work is to write about IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING THEORY IN MEDICAL EDUCATION. MAke sure that you correctly cite your sources. source..
IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING THEORY IN MEDICAL EDUCATION Name Course Tutor Institutional Affiliation Date IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING THEORY IN MEDICAL EDUCATION Learning theories refer to the conceptual framework that indicates or instead describes how students are able to absorb, and process as well as retains knowledge when they are taught. Also, it explains how individuals keep knowledge (Kelly 2014, para.1). It is rooted in the work of a famous scientist known as Ivan (Dombeck n.d, para.1). The theory represents the cognitive component in the daily work (Badyal & Singh 2017, 1). Various factors such as emotions and environment influence a student's understanding. The above aspects are acquired while skills and knowledge are retained. There are five different forms of learning theories (Education Degree n.d, para.1). They include cognitivism, constructivism, and connectivism among others. Medical education is essential because it deals with a clear understanding of human behavior. It requires the students to understand body functioning. Therefore, learning theories might prove critical to a medical student. The paper discusses the reasons why learning theory is crucial in medical education and the effectiveness of constructivism in a session. Learning Theory in Medical Education Medical education requires an informed knowledge of learning theories. Besides, they need to know more than just one approach. The teachers should be familiar with a wide range of learning methods to enable them to critique such claims. However, few medical tutors have received formal teaching (Hartford, Nimmon and Stenfors 2017, 1). Criticism allows a combination of excellent ideas and other from a different theory. A good understanding of the theories helps in the provision of real depth. Moreover, it assists individuals in avoiding some common pitfalls arising from the misapplication of an argument because of a superficial understanding. Meaning of Medical Education It refers to the training and education of physicians that help them in preparation for independent practice (IGI Global n.d, para.1). The training of such individuals can help them in future roles. Medicine deal with the life of a human. Therefore, it needs a lot of care when handling that issue. Medical learning can be cognitive or constructivist (Pritchard 2017, 26). The educators should look at the best approach to make students understand whatever is taught. Various theories can be used in the process. Learning Theories helps in Innovative Medical Teaching Medical education’s great deal is still done by teachers who repeat the way in which they were taught. However, others try to follow the current teaching trend. The latest trends include competency-based education. Medical educators and students need to have a deep understanding of the theories that are in use. The omission of the above could lead to rejection by teachers and students. Moreover, the rejection could be justified. Medical education adapts students to the learning styles (Sarson 2017, para.1). Medical le requires the students to identify the knowledge gaps that can lead to self-directed learning. It can only be achieved by having a clear understanding of the learning theories. An understanding of the learning theories enables the medical educators to know the best way to make students understand the required concepts. Medicine needs individuals to know whatever they are doing. The Theories help in Optimizing Student and Resident Learning Medication education is undergoing various transformations. It requires the educators to reassess the standard teaching practices. Moreover, they should develop some innovative strategies that can optimize student learning. New training standards are needed to be incorporated. The theories enable the students to think critically and comprehend whatever they are taught. A better understanding is necessary for the mastery of a concept. The Theories are Essential in Meeting Learning Needs Learning theories are relevant in medical education because they arm teachers with the best techniques to meet the student's learning needs. Besides, they give individuals a deeper incite on the learners' background. Additionally, learning theories gives people the guide of the different techniques that can enhance classroom learning. Medicine students deal directly with lives of the community. Additionally, the theories are strategies that act as the basis of communication (MacDonald-Wicks and Levett-Jones n.d, para.4). There is a Better Understanding of Student-Centered Education Medical education requires a better understanding. It is one of the most prominent perspectives in the educational discourse (Krahenbuhi 2016, 97). Student-centered approach facilitates a better understanding. Besides, Instructors and students share focus (The Room 2018, para.7). Professional educators can focus on reimaging the purposes of education. The approach includes evaluation training and development programs. It has a positive impact in the classroom. Medical teachers can easily deliver when needed. The educator's design policies as well as relevant issues in education. The approach utilizes individuals as the actual audience (TeachThought Staff 2017, para.2). Importance of Constructivism Theory in Medical Education Session Various theories are essential in a medical education session. However, Constructivism plays a significant role. It requires self-regulation and not a stimulus-response (Thompson 2014, para.1). It is a philosophical theory of learning whose origin is ascribed to Kant (Dennick 2016, 200). The educational origins are ascribed to Piaget. Therefore, it is based on the premise that learning depends on the process connecting new and pre-existing knowledge. It is the idea that individuals cannot get knowledge from the world (Kamel-ElSayed and Loftus 2018, 256). The theory has multiple assumptions. Moreover, critical connections can be made to other learning theories. The most influential factor is considered to be the knowledge already known by the learner (Dennick 2016, 200). It is the most common or known quotation or rather assumption. Constructivism is a theory that explains how individuals acquire knowledge and learn (The University of Sydney n.d, para.1). Therefore, it can be directly applied to education. The theory states that people construct knowledge as well as meaning from their life experiences. However, it is not a particular pedagogy. It has a wide range of impacts on learning theories together with the teaching techniques. It is believed that learning is a constructive and active process. The learner is referred to as an instruction constructor. The individuals create subjective representations of reality. Moreover, new knowledge is linked to the prior one. As a result, mental representations are considered subjective (Learning Theories n.d, para.1). Constructivism theory is important in medical education session because of various aspects. Individuals experience new information in medical education. Therefore, the best approach is to assess the information in respect to what has happened before (St. Emlyn’s 2019, para.2). Learners come across information that could contradict or reinforce the past knowledge. The mode of accommodation of such useful data is in different forms. Therefore, constructivism theory is important in a session because individuals can incorporate the new information into the old knowledge. Additionally, the theory is critical because it tells people that knowledge is generated by learners (St. Emlyn's 2019, para.7). The educators help them in achieving that. The theory helps medical educators in understanding that learners will assimilate any new information based on the already known fact. Also, it is not easy to shift an already established knowledge. The learners' beliefs are buildings that may be difficult to shift. Another point worth noting is that learners create their knowledge (St. Emlyn’s 2019, para.8). The educator presents information and experience. However, it is upon the students to assimilate whatever they get. Constructivism can help individuals integrate the information received concerning disorders. Medics should be aware of the learning disorders among others. Besides, depressive disorders can increase the risk of premature death (Schuch et al. 2018, 139). The idea of constructivism the roles of teachers. Their responsibilities and functions become more aiding and less didactic. The students are guided in constructing their knowledge through various methods. The techniques include interaction, discussion, and argument. Constructivism is relevant in medical education because it is included in strategies like problem-based learning. However, it overturns the perception that education involves the transmission of attitudes and skills (Xanthos 2014, 7). In conclusion, learning theories are essential in making individuals grasp concepts. Medical education needs a faster understanding. Besides, the students should have accurate information because individuals will be dealing with a human. The life of an individual is important. The changes in life are provoked by technology (Sanches Silveira et al. 2017, 215). Therefore, it requires the use of current knowledge. Constructivism plays a significant role i...
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