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linguistics Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


critical ANALYSIS essay of noam chomsky language device


Noam Chomsky’s Language Acquisition Device (LAD) concept
The innateness of language which was proposed by Noam Chomsky explains that human beings are born with a cognitive sense of language. Every child has got a device which does not require them to be taught a language but it happens naturally. “In a fairly obvious sense, any native speaker of a language can be said to know the grammar of his or her native language" (Radford, 2004). Everyone has got a first language. LAD is the specific, genetic program of humans, which allows them to learn and use the language, regardless of the degree of difficulty of the language. In a logical context, language does not live in the universe, but exists in the respective users' minds. The theory of innateness is a critism theory towards the behaviorist theory by Skinner whereby he states that children acquire language by imitating their parents of caregivers. All languages of man share common principles.
There are several theories which explain language acquisition in children apart from the Noam Chomsky’s LAD. These theories disagree with Chomsky’s findings they include Behaviorism and Connectionism, Constructivism, Social Interactionism. Skinner 1953 in his theory of behaviorism asserts that children learn language from their parent’s behaviors. frequent repetition which makes it a habit and through rewards a child acquires a language (Field 2005). All in all, this concept states that a tabula rasa is raised and that the atmosphere is a significant element in the language learning cycle. In other terms, it fosters, not design, that is responsible for learning. Attached to this hypothesis is the Connectionism principle, which argues that language is a template structure learned through processes for learning. The baby learns those habits in his brain, such that a grammatical language appears. The major implication of this theory is the sense that language acquisition is determined by behavior which typically differentiates from the innateness of language by Chomsky. Weakness of is that A kid in the research may be absolutely capable but couldn't do the job well due to motivating or emotional circumstances. Cognitive process does not continue to adulthood, this is not true because language acquisition does not stop at childhood but commences even to those acquiring a second language.

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