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The Relationship between Nutrition and Behavior (Essay Sample)


the essay was discussing various nutritional problems and ways to offer solutions nutritionally.


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The relationship between Nutrition and behavior is bi-directional, with nutritional factors that affect activity and disposition and behavior impacting diet and food intake. Nutrition refers to a dynamic process in which the food is consumed and utilized for body actions. It is a scientific study of food and nutrient metabolism with body nourishment (Sun et al., 2017, np). Diet refers to the food eaten or drunk every day relative to various functions in the body. It is the diet we consume that provides the body with the nutrients. Nutrients are a vital requirement for human health, which helps to boost immunity and growth. According to Sarah, she tends to practice improper nutrition habits, which is very dangerous to the health condition. Being hypertensive, eating a healthier diet, and regular exercises can help to lower blood pressure. Lifestyle factors are the major contributor to worsen the state, spending most of her time watching and at home, without engaging in physical activities. The most common causes of hypertension include being overweight, having a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, stress, and high raw salt intake. In lowering the blood levels, she needs a dietary plan. The intake of fiber foods such as cereals and vegetables, for instance, broccoli, will significantly reduce blood levels. Avoiding too much intake of fats will also help because excessive fats lead to obesity, a leading cause of hypertension. Processed foods usually facilitate overeating, where too much causes weight gain leading to insulin resistance and increase the risk. Therefore intake of less processed foods will significantly assist Sarah in cutting off her weight. Sarah should also reduce too many carbohydrates on her plate since they are foods rich in energy. Since she is staying at home, it will be converted to fats in the body, where the excessive fats promote obesity, a significant factor in hypertension. Sarah’s plate should include many vegetables, medium proteins, and small size of energy-giving food. It will ensure that the dish is well balanced without any risks.
A diet plays a crucial role in human health, and therefore, any foods being consumed should always be cleaned by everyone. Early nutritional research indicates that adequate nutrition intake alongside proper meal planning facilitates the normal functioning of the body. Although, intake of a balanced diet without physical exercises puts an individual at more significant risks of developing obesity due to the direct link with too many fats. Sarah should engage in exercises and physical activities such as walking or jogging to help cut the body's excess fats (Schwingshackl et al., 2019, p. 265). It is through burning the fats that will help to avoid high levels of glucose in the blood. According to her weight and age, the BMI concludes that she is obese, thus the condition. Therefore, weight loss is one of the most effective and long-lasting treatments. A modest ten pounds loss can significantly lower blood pressure. It should be minimized with her alcohol consumption habit, where it ought to be moderate-not more than two drinks a day. Increased calcium and magnesium-rich foods have been shown to contribute to blood pressure benefits. Lipids intake should be moderate, thirty percent less of total calories, and should contain less than seven percent of saturated fatty acids. The cholesterol levels should be less than three hundred milligrams of the whole diet as it helps in overall weight loss. Regular exercise will help pump blood through the body and help the heart rate, making the heart more efficient. Sarah should always take the stairs instead of elevators; go for an hour walk instead of watching television to reduce the excessive weight. It is also recommendable for Sarah to take dinner and allow for some time before going to bed, allowing room for enough digestions. Therefore, Sarah should follow all the prompts to manage the hypertensive condition and adhere to the nutritional advice accordingly.
Irritable bowel syndrome is a nutritional disorder that affects mainly the large intestine. It happens to be a painful disorder characterized by frequent bowel movement changes (Defrees & Bailey, 2017, p. 660). Individuals tend to experience diarrhoea, constipation, and abdominal pains making daily activities very unbearable. Fried fatty foods, carbonated drinks, and fiber-filled foods are the foods that trigger the condition to happen. According to Rachael’s lifestyle of consuming foods outside, she can experience the attacks. Diet management is the decision-making process on what to be prepared at a particular time concerning the patient. According to her weight and age, she is underweight and requires a plan which will help in weight improvements, and at the same time, manage irritable bowel syndrome. Therefore, a diet rich in high-fiber, such as whole grains and beans, is appropriate. The parts of plant foods that the body cannot digest help soften stools and maintain regular bowel movements. Consumptions of drinks, mostly water, play an essential role in bowel movement. The following is a diet plan for Rachael.
Breakfast – Fresh fruit, mango juice, and preserves, for instance, honey and jam with brown bread, rich in fibers and rolls accompanied by peppermint tea. Two cups of water are crucial for complete digestion.
Mid-morning snack- crumbled eggs, low-fat yogurt
Lunchtime – appetizers, for instance, soup less in fat contents. Rice cakes served with brown meat stew. Vegetables such as spinach should also be available on her plate, such as cabbages. She will also need to consume another two cups of water after an hour of eating to assist in digestion.
Afternoon snack- a cup of milk with fried yam and a pineapple. Rachael will still need to take the same amount of water as lunchtime and breakfast at this hour.
Supper - mashed potatoes served with fish and beans, kales should also be included, as they contain essential vitamins. Passion juice is necessary at this stage before retiring to bed. Water is crucial for a bowel movement, and thus according to the doctor's advice, it is recommendable to consume eight glasses of water daily (Liu et al., 2020, p. 310). Therefore, for Rachael to manage the condition, it is essential to follow the diet plan. Also, engaging in physical activities will improve the digestion process, thus assisting in relaxing muscles to better bowel movement. Stress can still trigger the syndrome, and since Rachael lives alone, she must engage in stress reduction management to improve her health.

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