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Qaddafi Muammar positive and negative impacts on people during his reign (Essay Sample)


Using Harvard style, write a 4page essay on the positive and negative impacts of Qaddafi, Muammar on people during his reign.


Qaddafi, Muammar positive and negative impacts on people during his reign
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April 8, 2020
Qaddafi, Muammar was born in Sirte in Libya in the year 1942 and died in 2011, October 20He was raised by a tribal family named al-Qadhafah at his country’s desert. Libya was a colony of Italy at the time he was born but later in 1951, it gained its independence under King Idris. When Qaddafi was a young youth, he admired Gamal Abdel Nasser an Egyptian leader by the influence of the Arab nationalist association. He started attending a military college at Benghazi then later went to the United Kingdom where he was trained for four months. After his graduation, he was constantly rising through military ranks and when hostility rose with King Idris, he formed a young officers’ movement to overthrow him. Qaddafi’s charismatic and talented personality become powerful in the movement and was successful in overthrowing the king in 1969, September 1. The overthrown king fled to Turkey for treatment and Qaddafi at age 27 was automatically appointed as a chairman of the new ruling association called the Revolutionary Command Council and chief commander of the forces. This biography paper explores more on the positive and less on the negative things that Qaddafi, al-Muammar inflicted on his people during his ruling.

The ruling style of Qaddafi is portrayed to be not only eccentric but oppressive. However, there are some powerful and good things he truly did for his people and he constantly empowered and united Africa as a whole. 1Qaddafi wrote a Green Book published in the year 1975 which is often used as a formal political philosophy of a leader. In the book, he states that “The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others.” From this statement, it means that a home in Libya is regarded as a natural and accepted human right. However, some citizens lost homes as a result of this and were not compensated. 2Second, the healthcare services in Libya were boasted to be the best in entire Africa and the Middle East under Qaddafi’s reign. Moreover, if any citizen was not satisfied with the desired course for study or correct treatment for diseases, they were going abroad under the funding of the government. Therefore, not only medical treatment and education was free but also considerate for better services abroad in case one is not satisfied. However, facilities were not enough for health treatment and education because as research indicates, Libya citizens said that their education system is outdated and health care standards were not that appealing.["Libya: Ten Things About Gaddafi They Don't Want You to Know." Global Research. Last modified November 30, 2018. 2Ibid.3Ibid4Ibid.] 

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