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Issues Relating To The Development Of Cloud And It Systems (Essay Sample)


Discussing the legal, social, ethical and professional issues affecting the computing and IT

ISSUES RELATING TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF CLOUD AND IT SYSTEMSStudent’s NameCourse TitleProfessor NameInstitution AffiliationDate
The legal issues
When dealing the computing and IT systems, it is advisable to take into account the issues related to the compliance with the statutory frameworks. The aspect of liability especially during data transfer is an essential legal issue. The data accessibility when retrieving the lost data needs to be stipulated. The power and ability to terminate cloud or switch from one cloud to another is a legal issue that needs to be addressed (Gilbert, 2010 p. 1). The computing is a highly sensitive issue and its legal implications need to be handled with care. When developing the system, it is mandatory that it is in line with the country’s legal framework. Stipulating the extent of liability to the involved parties will help to solve the claim that might disrupt the system.
The legal issues are very critical and have far reaching consequences. The failure to comply with the statutory frameworks will lead to the provision of prohibited services that can ruin the market and the customer specifically. When tendering for a cloud system, it is paramount to spell out the terms governing such a contract. This will reduce the chances of the customer from switching from one cloud to another. Failure to honor the contract will drive to legal implications. The liabilities of each party need to be spelled out.
The social issues
There are notable social implications exhibited in computing and IT. The effects of the network used have social effects in this field. The network might be harmful to the surrounding releasing dangerous signal that could affect the human life. The trust and reputation attached to the computing services are social pillars in the cloud. These trigger remarkable services that will keep the customer demanding such similar services. The cloud computing service providers need to provide the best services to increase the customer satisfaction. The increased customer satisfaction leads the development of trust by the customers to the service providers. Ultimately, the reputation will be developed, and everyone will seek for similar services. The market structure is an essential social issue in computing and IT world. The service providers require to set up the market in a customer friendly manner. The customer is the king and will always seek for the services that favor the wants and demands. A sophisticated market structure for the computing and IT will keep the customers away (Parameswaran, & Whinston 2007, p. 339).
The social issues serve in strengthening the relationship between the involved parties. They deal with human aspect and the ways of establishing a healthy business relationship. The effects of the social network to the human beings, the creation of trust and reputation, establishment of a friendly market structure, and the monitoring of the customer satisfaction play a vital role in developing the social fabric between the customer and the computing service provider. A healthy relationship leads to the ease in the development of computing and IT services.
Ethical issues
According to Singer & Vinson (2002, p. 1172), some relevant ethical issues in clouding includes; the right to disclosure, the competence, right to discontinue the contract, and the voluntariness. When dealing with the cloud and IT services, the concept of disclosure and confidentiality is unavoidable. It is prudent to determine the person to whom certain information will be revealed to. Some information is very private and requires limited access. The ethics allow stipulating the level of confidentiality to certain computing information. The right to terminate the contract needs to be handled with the utmost respect. Ethics do not allow a service provider to discontinue the contract without issuing a proper ultimatum to the client. The terms and conditions safeguarding the contract need to be upheld. Any violation of the terms is a vice to the ethics and leads to the disagreement between the involved parties. The spirit of the contract should be preserved. In some cases, the aspect of voluntariness is considered when developing the computing and IT systems. In this case, the contract term between the client and the computing service provider needs to honor the volunteering spirit. Any voluntary deed within the contract by whichever party is highly acceptable and ethical since it promotes the working goodwill. Ethical issues aim at establishing a healthy working relationship between the transacting parties. When ethical terms are met customer satisfaction is met and a good reputation is maintained.
Professional issues
The competence of the computing service provider needs to be recognized. Qualified IT personnel will ensure the develop...
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