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What is Mark’s understanding of the person and work of Jesus and how is this good news for people today? (Essay Sample)


This was a Christian theological assignment and it was intended towards illustrating Mark’s understanding of the person and work of Jesus. The aim of this assignment was to showcase the importance of the “good news” that Mark had illustrated in the Bible in the context of the current global scenario.


What is Mark’s understanding of the person and work of Jesus and how is this good news for people today?
The Gospel of Mark is one of the earliest works that illustrate how the life of Jesus had been. Mark uses a three-act structure within his writing in order to illustrate various facets of Jesus’s journey. The most important part of Mark’s writing is that he utilises Jesus’s action, words and people’s reactions in order to influence the readers rather than giving learners his own opinion about the person. In this way, Mark is able to weave a coherent story that moves from one location to another and creates a compelling narrative. This study helps to bring light on how in testing times like these, Mark highlights the way God can calm the storm of doubt, which is present because of Covid- 19. It highlights how human beings can learn from an important event such as this and grow stronger, just as the people did who had followed Jesus in his time within Jerusalem.

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