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Social Sciences
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Health sciences and analysis. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Contemporary issues in Health and Social Care
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3500 Words
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1. Vulnerable People
2. Discrimination and Anti Discriminiation
3. Long term conditions and Discrimination
4. Mental Health
5. Ageing
6. Child Abuse
7. Violence against Women.
you need to follow the learning outcome
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the key health and wellbeing issues and current debates on contemporary topics related to health and social care.
2. Identify and demonstrate comprehensive analysis of socio-economic, political and cultural factors which influence health and wellbeing in health and social care
3. Critically appraise evidence based knowledge to analyse the complex experiences of diverse population groups and the impact it has on their lives and society in relation to relevant topics.
4. Analyse the perspectives, impact and implications of contemporary health and social care issues have on the development and provision of integrated services to cater for diverse needs of population groups.
5. Debate and develop implications on policy and practice initiatives in and across contemporary (integrated) health and social care contexts
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Mental Health Systems and Research in the United Kingdom
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Mental Health Systems and Research in the UK
1.0 Introduction
Mental health is an issue of great concern both in developed and developing countries (Chang, et al., 2011, pp. 2). Whereas the rate at which mental health cases are increasing continues to be a concern to governments and researchers, legislative, policy, research, and institutional safeguards are conspicuously lacking. Global communities are poorly informed about mental health and how to handle such cases when they crop up. Connected to this is the fact that governments, clinicians, managers, and policymakers are ill-prepared to handle mental health cases yet research has shown that mental illnesses are very common in most global populations (Lomas, et al., 1989, pp 3). Whereas ill-preparation to mental health cases is a key problem in developed countries, lack of access to mental health facilities is what ails developing countries more than any other problem. This paper will discuss mental health systems and research using the United Kingdom as a case study. The paper starts by discussing the importance of mental health research and systems with a view to determining how best governments can adequately prepare for mental health cases. The paper will then discuss the nature of mental health research and systems in the UK under various headings.
2.0 Key Health and Wellbeing Issues and Current Debates Regarding Mental Health
Studies have shown that failure to monitor physical health may lead patients to develop mental health complications without health personnel taking note (Patel, et al., 2010, p. 4). Sometimes such health personnel fail to take mental health patents seriously when signs of the illness cropping up start appearing leading to “diagnostic overshadowing.” There is also evidence to suggest that the life expectancy of mental health patients decreases by approximately 15 to 20 years if the situation is not tackled promptly (Miller & Bauer, 2014, p. 4). 

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