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MSC counselling course. Social Sciences Assignment (Essay Sample)

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MSC Counselling Course
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MSC Counselling Course
1.0 Question 1
Through my therapeutic relationship with Sylvia, I learnt about the need to always make a gradual introduction that shapes out and tailors my client’s needs that need to be addressed. Through this thought-out beginning and introduction with my client, I had an opportunity to introduce myself and to learn about her problems with her family. It is always good to seize the introductory moment to shape out the issues that will be addressed throughout the therapeutic relationship period (Beck, 2011, p. 5). I also learnt about the art of identifying conflict with my client, how to manage it, and how to resolve it by the end of the session. I was able to understand Sylvia’s conflict with her daughter Tracy, how it started, and her attempts to solve it. This gave me an opportunity to learn about the genesis of conflict, how it develops if not managed, and how to solve it completely. I learnt about upholding high ethical standards and keeping all engagements with my client confidential. It was also an opportunity to learn how to manage risks with mutual trust and respect 

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