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Introduction to Philosophy Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


the task was to explain what philosophy is.
this sample explains that in details.


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Introduction to Philosophy
The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy defines Philosophy as the study of the most general and abstract features of the world and the categories with which people think. It is also a way of thinking about the universe, the world, and society. Philosophy works by asking basic questions regarding the nature of the universe, human thought, and the association between them.
According to Kahane & Tidman (2013), philosophy is a coherent inquiry into the contents, forms, and implications of experience. It is an effort of gaining complete knowledge about a phenomenon. The primary role of philosophy is to discover the ultimate meaning and significance of the existence of an event. Besides, philosophy is the science of reality, the law of freedom attainment, and the basis of the practice of righteousness (Andersen, Anjum, & Rocca, 2019). Most importantly, philosophy is the love of wisdom and a moral, intellectual science that attempts to explain the truth behind existence by reducing the phenomenon to ultimate causes through the application of rule and logic.
History depicts that philosophy was initially used by the ancient Greeks to mean the pursuit of knowledge coupled with speculative thought in the fields of social sciences, arts, and religion (Melchert, 2014). Philosophical questions are often abstract and foundational. As noted, philosophy is conducted through reflection and does not depend on the experiment, although the methods used to study the subject may be similar to those used in to study natural sciences. Sometimes, philosophy embodies the sense of unproductive reflections in common usage, but it has shaped some of the most significant new thoughts over the centuries (The Basics of Philosophy). Its contribution to sociology, politics, literature, science, and mathematics has been immeasurable. Many philosophers believe that this field is essential in human life because it helps individuals to think critically regarding various issues and discover the methods of analyzing arguments.

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