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Sorites Cycle Argument (Essay Sample)


argumentative essay on whether people whose preferences match a sorites cycle is irrational.


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The sorites cycle is composed of more than two categorical prepositions so organized that any single preposition's predicate implies the next one; however, the conclusion tends to unite the first subject's proposition with the last one's predicate. Nevertheless, the cycle's applicability is questionable because it is quite irrational in the sense that it makes a lot of perceptual discrimination. Therefore, the argumentative essay creates in-depth insights into the subject by providing a personalized opinion on whether people whose preferences match a sorites cycle is irrational.
Sorites cycle suggests that an argument is itself a heap that any of its components have equal weight. For Sorites arguments, the predicate in each proposition builds the subject clause of the next premise (Radulescu 2020). For instance, we can say: All tigers are big cats. All big cats are predators. Conclusion, all tigers are predators. One can prefer to refer to tiger as a member of the big cat family and that all big cats are predators, which implies that human whose preferences match a sorites cycle irrational. Hence, if we deny any of these prepositions, then it is invalid.
Contrarily, sorites argument fails because it limits all the arguments in generality. It assumes, for instance, that all big cats have to be predators. The

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