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Stakeholders write up for Metro Trains Melbourne (why we chose them as most important stakeholders) (Essay Sample)


I need you to do a 150 word write up for 2 already suggested stakeholders of Metro Trains. I provided a document that includes a sample write up on how you should cite/reference sources into the stakeholder write up. You must write up on: Metro Trains Employees and Metro Train 3 key shareholders (i have provided a write up for Metro's passengers) THIS WRITE UP IS ABOUT WHY THEY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT STAKEHOLDERS FOR METRO DURING THIS COVID 19 CRISIS. - AND WHY GAINING THEIR CONFIDENCE IS A BIG PART OF ENSURING METRO IS A SAFE PUBLIC TRANSPORT TO BE USED DURING COVID. PLEASE REFER TO THE DOCUMENT AND SAMPLE PROVIDED IN THE DOCUMENT.


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For Passengers
The primary external stakeholders acting as functional linkages are passengers. Rawlins (2006) discovered that customers and retailers are the primary consumers of products and services. Metro trains have continued to give its best in matters delivery to its customers. During this period of the coronavirus pandemic, the Metro trains, together with its employees, have been in the forefront line to fight the epidemic and offer excellent services to its clients. In a day, Metro offers vital transport services to its passengers, as reflected by the number of passengers it serves. This signifies the Metro employees' critical role and the passengers as one of the most crucial components in the company (Rawlins, 2006). During the COVID crisis, Metro prioritized safety not only of its passengers but also of its employees. The security was achieved by encouraging the "work from home" program for the employees; in addition to that, it also utilized the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a program that ensured a high level of confidentiality when dealing with personal challenges facing the employees.
Metro Employees: Front-Line Staff
According to Rawlins (2006), functional linkages are vital in facilitating organizational roles and input and output functions. The input functions compose the labor and resources that produce products and services, including employees and suppliers. The out functions comprise the consumers of the products and services such as consumers and retailers (Rawlins, 2006, p. 722). Clarkson (1994) found that stakeholders are risk-bearers, and they invest in various forms of capital, including human and financial subjects in a firm. The stakeholders of Metro have been so impactful for the train's success during this period of the pandemic. 

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